Thursday, April 28, 2016

Need a mid-year break?

The Easter holidays came very early this year so if you’re heading towards the middle of the year feeling ragged already then it’s no wonder! The push to midyear is stressful enough but what lies on the other side of the midyear bump is even more intense.

Stress levels start to spike, road rage incidents are on the increase, managers who were previously understanding and supportive are becoming impatient and shorttempered and you’re not feeling yourself either. Your family life starts to suffer, the flu bug gets hold of you and you’re not quite sure you’re going to make it. All very good reasons you should be planning a midyear break. It doesn’t have to be a long break. A quick getaway to reset your equilibrium and your family’s is really all you need.
WorldVentures has some ideas on how you can relax on one of their DreamTrip holidays – hassle free as they do all the work for you because there really isn’t any point in planning a holiday when it’s as stressful as getting through a day’s work.

Rest with the beasts of Africa:
On this DreamTrip to Zimbabwe, you’ll be staying in Antelope Park, an area dedicated to the conservation of African lions. Walk alongside these majestic big cats through the Zimbabwe bush, then watch from close by as the pride rushes toward a pile of meat, their deep roars rumbling and vibrating the ground as they feast.

Doing it Island Style:
Island hopping in the Seychelles aboard a 21cabin motor yacht Pegasus. Winter blues can really get the better of you when it gets cold in South Africa, why not pop across to the beautiful tropical islands in the warm Indian ocean to revive yourself.

This will float your Boat:
Head out on a sightseeing river safari aboard a pontoon boat and see a variety of indigenous wildlife, including waterloving birds, hippos, elephants and more. Discover even more of Zimbabwe’s flora and fauna – including lions, leopards and buffalo – on a game drive around the Zambezi River. Meet and interact with the Wild Horizons elephants, gentle giants known for their friendly demeanor. Visit the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust and learn more about the organization dedicated to raising awareness of sustainable natural resources and environmental conservation.

Switch off to the sights and sounds of Zim:
This DreamTrip to Zimbabwe is a oneofakind adventure filled with possibility. The excursions available to travellers include a game drive, cultural village tour and sundowner cruise to experience the lakeside sunset.

Assault your senses with the Serene:
This DreamTrip to Namibia takes you on one thrilling ride after another, beginning with a dolphin and seal cruise aboard a spacious catamaran. Sip sundowner cocktails on a leisurely nature drive to one of the most picturesque points on Sossusvlei Lodge’s private reserve. Take in stunning sights at Sesriem Canyon and explore Deadvlei and Sossusvlei, salt and clay pans surrounded by vibrant red dunes. Many of these dunes reach heights of more than 250 meters, reflecting the golden light of the sun as it rises over the vlei.

Prefer to stay local? Here are two amazing destinations you might be interested in:
Shop till you drop and take in some SA culture in Cape Town:
Three days and two nights in beautiful Cape Town at a four star hotel including a tour of the V&A Waterfront and Table Mountain for R4800 including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bask in the beauty of the Berg:
Cathedral Peak hotel invites you to stay for three days and two nights and experience some of the most tranquil and beautiful scenery that South Africa has to offer. Guided hikes and meals included included in the price of R3200.

What’s stopping you?
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Guitar virtuoso Albert Frost hits the road with a new album

Over the coming weeks, music lovers will be treated to live performances by Albert Frost, South Africa’s pre-eminent guitarist whose unique, genre crossing style has earned him much respect and adoration among audiences and peers for more than two decades.

Albert Frost - Photo by Riehan Bakkes

Frost will be touring the country for the launch of his much anticipated third solo album, The Wake Up, which explores various musical avenues and melds stylistic elements of the blues, rock, psychedelic and African genres to create something he says will surprise and excite his fans.   

On The Wake Up, Frost worked instrumentally with acclaimed bassist Schalk Joubert and celebrated drummer Jonno Sweetman, who will accompany him on stage during the tour.  

In his performances, Frost promises “diverse material, mostly new, showcased in electric and acoustic set-ups, each with a certain energy”. He adds: “The Wake Up is all about bringing something fresh to the show as well as incorporating the concept throughout the performance.”  

Although The Wake Up’s sound is a departure from Frost’s blues roots, having played with legendary South African band The Blues Broers for 21 years, he plans on incorporating some older songs into his tour shows. “There will be one or two tracks from Devils and Gods (his first studio recorded solo album) as well as a blues track or two,” he says.

Frost is excited ahead of the tour, saying: “My sound is changing with this album so I hope people like it as much as I do.

The Wake Up is available to purchase at live gigs and to download on iTunes, Google Play, Deezer and Spotify.

Tour Information

·         Cape Town: 21, 22 April, The Fugard Theatre.  Bookings:  Computicket
·         Bloemfontein: 25 April, The Vulture Club.  Bookings:
·         Pretoria: 26 April, Atterbury Theatre.  Bookings:  Computicket
·         Johannesburg: 27 April, The Good Luck Bar.  Bookings: Facebook – The Good Luck Bar
·         Durban: 28 April, The Barnyard Theatre Gateway.  Bookings:
·         Durban:  29 April, The Chairman.  Bookings:  078 387 1408
·         Howick (KZN): 30 April, Caversham Mill.  Bookings:   033 234 4524  / 072 125 3392
·         Prince Albert (Western Cape): 1 May, The Showroom Theatre.  Bookings:  023 541 1563

Twitter:  @alfrost