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Events Around South Africa

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Please RSVP - 032-946-1937

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PANSA/Rainbow Young Performers Project 2013

For the original production
Written and Directed by Peter Court and Charon Williams-Ros

Rehearsals: Every Weekend from 14th April – 23rd June
Full time 25th / 26th /27th June
from 28th June – 14th July 2013

REGISTRATION: 09h00 – 10h00
•Singers•Dancers [All Styles]
•Gymnasts/Acrobats•Physical Actors

•Mime Artists•Magicians

•Special Skills [Skateboarding/Trick cycling/Parkour/Free running, Juggling/Diablo/Baton twirling, etc.]

•Musicians [portable instruments only – must be your own]

NB: Audition is open to High School learners only
Enquiries: PANSA Tel: 031 201-4750 /email:

If you are considering a career in theatre, this is your chance!

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CHANT by Andrew Verster

Failures and dahlias
Kittens and mittens
Wimples and pimples
Writers and fighters
Layouts and payouts
Rattles and battles
Mothers and brothers
Hillocks and bullocks
Turners and burners
Tickles and pickles
Puppies and guppies
Flaming and gaming
Flowers and bowers
Planets and gannets
Mares and chairs
Lifting and drifting
Picking and choosing
Wishing and waiting
Loving and hating
Bidding and budding

Andrew Verster is a World Famous Artist and Writer based in Durban.

Enjoy the Long Weekend Everyone and for those of you Celebrating Easter have
a wonderful time.  
Please everyone drive safe on the roads.

- The Editor 

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Are you going to the @Blackberry_ZA event in Johannesburg Today?

BlackBerry Experience Forum brings together enterprises in South Africa

Event demonstrates business benefits of BlackBerry® 10 for enterprises in Africa

[Johannesburg, South Africa] – BlackBerry® is hosting the BlackBerry® Experience Forum for the enterprise community in Johannesburg today.

More than 350 South African enterprise customers and developers are attending the full day event (at Sandton Convention Centre), which is focused on showcasing the business benefits of the BlackBerry® 10 platform with the BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone and BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10.

Attendees will learn how BlackBerry’s completely re-invented suite of products, solutions and services work seamlessly together to enable enterprises of all sizes to easily deploy, manage, and secure BYOD and corporate mobile devices.

The event will feature customer presentations from leading local companies such as SAP, Cisco and Oracle.

More than 25 South African organisations are already running BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, while a further 100 are currently trialling BlackBerry 10. These include Alexander Forbes, Bowman Gilfillan, Dimension Data, Edcon, Netcare and Tiger Brands.

Says Alexandra Zagury, Managing Director, South and Southern Africa at BlackBerry. "We are delighted by the warm response that BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 have received from local public and private sector organisations looking for the gold standard in enterprise mobility management. Today, attendees will hear more about how this platform provides optimal usability and functionality for business customers, with no compromise to security and manageability."

BlackBerry Experience Forum events are being hosted in countries around the world including Canada, The United States of America, France, Germany, Dubai, India and Australia. For more details on the event, please visit:

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Call For Playwrights in South Africa

This is a call for playwrights

British Council call out for playwrights
New writing opportunity with international theatre, Royal Court
Applications deadline Sunday 14 April 2013.
The British Council is offering South African playwrights the opportunity to work with one of the UK’s leading national theatre companies for a new writing project.

There are 12 places for emerging playwrights who can show evidence of a track record of writing plays regardless of whether they have been published or performed. The applications will be assessed by a panel consisting of representatives of the British Council, Royal Court and South African theatre professionals. 

Royal Court will travel to South Africa to host the workshop (held in Magaliesburg from 6 July to 14 July) which aims of to support each playwright in writing a new contemporary play. The workshop will be designed for the needs of each writer, explore individual interests, and by the end of the week each writer will be asked to propose an outline of a new idea for a contemporary and original play.

Following the workshop, the participants will be asked to submit their play to the Royal Court who will continue to work with playwrights over the coming two years to develop the plays.

The London-based Royal Court runs long-term play development projects in many different countries, helping to stimulate new writing across the globe. 

Please send your application, with the below items, to Lois Anguria ( ):
• a brief statement (motivation letter) of why you would like to attend the workshop
• a single page CV including your date of birth and gender
• one scene from a recent play you have written and a synopsis of that play
• two letters of recommendation.

We ask that the application be in English and the workshop will be conducted in English but samples of your work can be written in any language and we will arrange for appropriate translations to be made.
12 March 2013 – Open call
14 April 2013 – Application deadline
7 May 2013 – Announce participants
6 July – 14 July 2013 - Workshops
There will also be further activities beyond the workshops, so by applying you are committing yourself to being involved in the project for up to two years.
The workshop will be a residential in Magaliesburg, South Africa from 6 – 13 July 2013. Accommodation, food and workshop spaces will be provided. The British Council office in Johannesburg will facilitate travel.

(Source - Peter Terry via SA Guild of Actors) 

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We have Theatre News, Art News and a short story and more

Catalina Theatre - Call for Proposals for 2014

Catalina UnLtd is calling for proposals for productions to be staged at the Catalina Theatre, Wilson’s Wharf, Durban for 2014.

The productions may be full theatre productions, children’s shows, music performances, dance, comedy, and the like. The aim is to get an interesting, innovative and eclectic mix while still focussing on good, solid mainstream theatre.

Please send a brief proposal consisting of:
·         Name and contact details
·         Type of show (e.g. music performance)
·         Synopsis or basic story line of the show
·         Number of cast members/performers
·         Brief director & actor/performer bios
·         Who would the show appeal to

Please email for more information or to submit your proposal.

Make 2014 your year to get on stage

(Source - Catalina Theatre)

(Source - A Word Of Art) 

Gruyere by Andrew Verster

“MY HANDKERCHIEF HAS MORE HOLES THAN A GRUYERE CHEESE closed after two performances at The Loft after tepid reviews.
 “The critics didn’t exactly rave about  AS YOU LIKE IT if you remember.”
 “I wasn’t there, so I’ll have to take your word for it,” John  Mault, the co-author said. “Joanna Ezard, my other half, has booked a ticket to Tasmania, she is so mortified.”  
“She has family there?”
“No. But TOURS INC were offering half price tickets to the first twenty takers. 
“Where’s Tasmania? She asked the clerk.
“Give me half a minute and I’ll look it up if I can find my pocket atlas. It must be around. I had to find Zimbabwe just last week. But, for the life of me, I couldn’t find it. It’s up north somewhere. I think they must have cancelled it.”
“Thank you. You’ve been wonderful.”
“No, problem. Pleased I could help.”

Andrew Verster is a world famous artist and writer based in Durban. 

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The Meeting, The Speakers and a DVD Review

THE MEETING by Andrew Verster 

“I didn’t see your mother at church this morning.”
“You didn’t see her last Sunday either.”
“You are right. Come to think of it.”
“Not surprising, she’s dead.”
“My mother.”
“That was sudden.”
“Not really. She died three years ago.”
“YOUR mother? Are you sure?”
“MY mother, of course.”
“My mind is playing tricks, Janet.”
“Of course. How silly of me.”
“And you are?”
“Pleased to meet you.”

Andrew Verster is a World Famous Artist and Writer 

Book These Speakers For Your Next Event or Conference at great prices all for fundraising

A DVD Review of ‘Wonderwerker’-  A Film by Katinka Heyns by Timothy Sparks
A man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought, there is visible labour”.   Victor Hugo
The film ‘Wonderwerker ‘is set two years before the Union of South in 1910. It is a film of much introspection and the interior motivation of its characters play within themselves. Inward thinking is regarded as one of the defining aspects that define a poet.  It is in this wilderness that the Poet that Marais was able to write some of his finest poetry. Eugene Nielen Marais wrote the poem Winternag (Winternight) verses which echo through the years for almost every Afrikaner, “O koud is die windjie en skraal. En blink in die dof-lig en kaal, so wyd as die Heer se genade, le die velde in sterlig en skade…” one has a feeling for the greatness of the man, and of the Poet. Eugene Marais remains an enigma more than eighty years after his death.

In the film Marais inhabits a beautiful place in the imagination.
The old Poet, despite his problems with Morphine used to treat Malaria, nonetheless, finds love unexpectedly. The main story entices with its poignantly humane story. Science, Art, History are themes at the heart; they mould Marais’ identity and youthful longing, to reveal the wounds that lie unresolved through the passage of time. Appearing, partly as biography, it is also a meditation on time, but the story unfolds with the arrival of Eugene Marais on a farm in the Waterberge district in Northern Transvaal.
Dawid Minaar plays the sensitive poet who is taken in by the family. Always in the back of the mind, however is the recognition of fate and Marais’ violent death.  We see the many parts of this fascinating man. In my first years at University, I was drawn to the lewensverhaal (life-story) of one Eugene N. Marais. The flow of these pages in ‘The Dark Stream: The Story of Eugene Marais’ by Leon Marais read in English, is as moving as watching this remarkable two-hour voyage in the presence of this Volksbesit (loosely translates as-Nation’s treasure).

The affectionate relationship that unfolds between Jane Brayshaw (Anneke Weidemann), and Eugene Marais takes us into the world where science and passion meet. The plot drives us into this intriguing dance of a mind searching, and a soul grappling with love; his past and mortality. The acting of theatre and film legends Elize Cawood as Tante van Rooyen and Marius Weyers as Oom Gys van Rooyen provide the superb foil for the strange patient whose arrival changes the life of the young girl. The rite of passage of the Poet cut adrift in illness and inner tumult is intriguing as is the barren heart of the traditional Boer, represented by Gys van Rooyen which contradicts the sensual attitudes of the Poet. Elegy meets drama beautifully as van Rooyen’s wife adandons herself in heart and convenience to the dreams of reviving her patient, but also drawing inspiration from this contact. 

An important message of this film is lead by the ability of youthful passion to change a life. All these while regarding the poet in his native background. Doctor or Poet!? The voice that narrates from the beginning starts in 1932 recounting the meeting between the girl and the sick poet years earlier. The heroine tells the story as the arrival of Marais at the farm unfolds on the screen. Set in Flashback mode it is a perfect beginning of the story. Retreating back into the past, in this instance 1908 allows the young Jane Brayshaw to speak of this youthful fragment of her past. 

It is Interesting that two films have emerged in the past six months that show that Afrikaans cinema, against the odds, fortunately still has a strong presence in South Africa. ‘Verraaiers’ is showing at Gateway at the moment. 

Katinka Heyns, the famous director of ‘Paljas,’ made fifteen years ago, fills her film with subtle or speculative explorations of her characters. Loss, passion and the importance emotion plays in literature and love jolts the memory. Eugene Marais treats the young girl on the farm as his protégé, a young lady in the first blossom of youth: seemingly restless in her puzzled and youthful embrace of her mentor. Not since ‘Paljas’ (Katinka Heyn’s lovely film of 1998) have we seen the values of mature skill, rendered so magnificently by a prominent South African film director. ‘Wonderwerker’ reveal s the complexity of the man behind the poems.

The film unfolds in this beautiful landscape. Heyns manages to create an enchanting atmosphere in her films and she accords herself time to covey the depths that are hinted at in the poems of Eugene Marais.  
‘Wonderwerker’ compiles the history of the poet, gently weaving Marais’ fondness for natural history and scientific pursuits. Eugene Marais wrote the famous book ‘Die Siel van die Mier’ 1925: translated as ‘The Soul of the White Art’ 1937 which reveals his innate love of animals and his recovery of the farm are determined by the relationships he fosters and the study of the beautiful relationship between him and the young girl. The date of the film is not accidental coming six years after  die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog (The Second Boer War: 1899-1902) but the turmoil of the private world, especially Marais’ accounts of love’s won and lost make this a very original film. Science, reason and love all are heavily pitted against passion.  These dual parts in his nature are beautifully executed in the film. Marais seems haunted by his past. Morphine claims a part in the story and the enslavements that work upon us in daily life. Eugene’s Marais opium addition is second only to the sad and forlorn story of English Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge whose bondage stirred both his poetry and genius but discoloured his life. It is important to acknowledge that Eugene Marais died, by his own hand, shooting himself on the farm of the writer Gustav Preller in March of 1936.

Memory plays a role, the memory of the desires of countrymen no longer with us. On the farm Marais and Oom van Rooyen’s characters talk about farms, their prospects and dreams of mining. Land and identity are strong themes. One of the most beautiful parts of the film is result of a hike in the mountains, when Dawid Minaar’s character and Weyers character look for seams in the lovely landscape of the Waterberge. ‘Wonderwerker’ is a hidden gem, almost with a feel of an eighties masterpiece like ‘Jean de Florette’ or the fine film adaptations of Marcel Pagnol’s rural fables ‘La Chateau de ma mere’,’ La gloire de mon pere’.
Cinematography, dialogue and direction are seamless (the delicious platteland plays a role of its own) as is the delicate portrayal of Eugene Marais’ life midst the emotional deliberations of Maria van Rooyen, and the goings on in family life. Weyers does a fine job in portraying the taciturn father of the wayward son, Adriaan van Rooyen. A subplot involves Jane Brayshaw being molested by the boy Adrian. Much of this is alluded to mysteriously without showing these scenes.  Dawid Minaar draws himself into this ceremony of convalescence but one notices his emotional healing has a price. The lasting impression is the steady portrayal of Marais and his sense of betrayal at the hands of his hosts. No bitterness clouds what is a beautiful tenderness in his relationship with Jane Brayshaw.  

‘Wonderwerker’ is a taste of the past, worth savouring. Told with humility and candour, not only is this film a master-class in acting but reveals some of the flaws of the heart of man, especially our place in this beautiful world.  Anneke Wiedemann   as Jane Brayshaw is very capable her role, almost carrying the entire film with the powerful gestures and lucid emotions that she weighs with a maturity beyond her years. Minaar in the role of the Poet creates a potent figure, and we assume the weaknesses become his strength as Marais accepts his fate. The figure that emerges is a worthy addition to both Afrikaans folklore and South African cinema.

It is Interesting that two films have emerged in the past six months; that fortunately show that Afrikaans cinema, against the odds, still has a strong presence in South Africa. ‘Verraaiers’ directed and written by Henk Pretorius is showing at Gateway at the moment. A copy of Katinka Heyn’s ‘Wonderwerker’ is available at Video Mogul in Musgrave Road.

Timothy Sparks is a freelance writer 

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Read about Infecting the city, an Executive Breakfast and a Short Story.

Click here to view Infecting The City banner

The Africa Centre is proud to announce an astonishing array of over 54 dance, music, theatre, installation and other visual art forms that re-think our City in the sixth edition of Infecting The City Public Arts Festival.

The Festival Programme Launch is taking place at 4.00pm on Monday, 4th March in the St George's Room at the Taj Hotel (cnr. Adderley Street and Wale Street). If you are in Cape Town and can make it, please RSVP.

For those of you who cannot make the Programme Launch, join us from the 11-16th March to experience:

  • Catherine Henegan’s acclaimed Afro Galactic Dream Factory;
  • Mamela Nyamza’s triumphant return from sellout London shows;
  • 1000 paper jets of artworks released regally into the city skies by Jason Potgieter;
  • A “real-time” performance of daily news headlines by Jazzart;
  • The Cape Philharmonic Orchestra framed by Church Square;
  • A painstaking construction of a fragile wooden edifice inside the District Six Museum by Aeneas Wilder and Winnie Sze;
  • Sprawling glow stick installations across city pavements by Marcus Neustetter;
  • The 5 movement prayer, confession, mantra, manifesto and catharsis of Country of Grief and Grace performed by Neo Muyanga and the Siyaya Chorus;
  • The tragic and thought-provoking performance, Widow by Mandisi Shindo – exploring loss and triumph outside the St George’s Cathedral;
  • A Light Symphony by French artist Antoine Schmidt on Church Square; and
  • A Mask flashmob, a 40 strong Flute mob, gospel singers on bicycles and a mob of over 300 skateboarders cruising through the City.
Join us and hundreds of artists from the 11th March at 6.00pm in The Company's Gardens, in front of the Iziko South African Museum

(Source - Africa Centre) 

GIBS and East Coast Radio Executive Breakfast - Leading with Impact
Join GIBS, East Coast Radio and Trade and Investment KZN for the third annual and much anticipated executive business breakfast - Leading with Impact.
Confirmed speakers include:
  • Brian Molefe, CEO: Transnet;
  • Prof Nick Binedell, dean: GIBS;
  • Nicola Tyler, CEO: Business Results Group;
  • Norman Chorn, author: Future Builders; and
  • Buhle Dlamini, founder: Young & Able
Date:Thursday, 7 March 2013
Time:07:30 - 11:00
Venue:ICC, Durban, 45 Bram Fischer Road, Durban
Fees:R500 per person, R4 750 for a table of ten
Contact:Gloria Bokaba on 011 771 4229 or email


(Source - East Coast Radio) 

A SHORT STORY by Andrew Verster 

The Wharmbys are a farming family from West Yorkshire who have a mill where others in the district bring their corn and millet.
“He’s not cheap, but he can ask what he likes as he has the monopoly.”  
It wasn’t always so. Jervis Downend was the other miller, but his unexplained death two and a half months ago when he fell under a bull-dozer driven by Maureen Bumcombe has raised eyebrows in the community.
The Reverend J Morice Stiff  said,  when interviewed by the Western Chronicle, “I am not one to cast aspersions, but I’ve known Maureen since she was a toddler at the Tiny Tots Nursery and she is the best bull-dozer driver we have.”
“Actually, the only one,” Polly Hudd corrected.
“Be that as it may, let’s not be diverted, it is whispered that there was something going on between the two of them.”
“Yes, they were engaged to be married.”
“That’s beside the point. We must wait for the autopsy before jumping to conclusions.”
As this story is going nowhere, this is a good place to stop.

Andrew Verster is a World Famous Artist and Writer Based in Durban, South Africa. 

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Opportunities in the Arts and More This Weekend


1. Casting Call for South African Animated Show
Bubblegum is looking for a voice actor to play a regular character on a South African animated show. The character is a 7 year old African male, so the actor must either be an African male,14 years old or younger, or African female, 30 years old or younger.

The actor's voice must be young, energetic and enthusiastic. The actor must be capable of a wide emotional range, and be able to speak flawless English.
If you are interested, please email Rozie at before Wednesday the 6th March, to set up a voice audition.

Auditions for a voice actor will be held at Bubblegum Studio in Greenpoint, Cape Town.

2. Casting Call for voice male character
We are needing to cast for an animated character. Male 35-50 with a deep, barely voice, jovial and full of expression. Age is less important than quality of voice. The character does not have any dialogue as it is a dog, but it does make human-like expressions "Huh", "Oo", laughter. The actor will also need to make dog-like sounds e.g. sniffing, snuffling, growling, but they do not have to impersonate a dog exactly.

Please direct enquiries to   (please note this is not a PANSA call)

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3. Vacancy: CEO for Moving into Dance Mophatong (MIDM)
MIDM is looking to employ a highly motivated, inspiring and multi-skilled CEO to lead the organisation into the future and build on its strengths.

Please send cover letter, CV with names and contact details of 3 referees
to: by 4 March 2013. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

The full article is available on the PANSA website, click here

4. Playhouse Company vacancy: Arts Coordinator
The Playhouse Company, situated in Durban, is looking to fill the position of Arts Coordinator.

The successful applicant will be responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:
- Sourcing artists for shows;
- Co-ordinate the schedules for artists;
- Monitor the execution of the project
- Maintain database of artists
- Co-ordinate of all logistical issues related to the portfolio

Deadline: Thursday, 08 March 2013
The full article available is on the PANSA website, click here

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5. The Playhouse Company - Arts Manager
The successful applicant will be responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:
- Budgetary control & reporting and management of all Arts related contracts
- Manage all operational activities in support of the execution of the Artistic Programme
- Staff Management

The suitable incumbent will need to meet the following minimum criteria in terms of qualifications, skills, competencies and experience.

Deadline: Thursday, 08 March 2013
The full article available is on the PANSA website, click here

6. GIPCA Internship: Call for applications
The Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts (GIPCA) invites applications for a seven month internship position, starting 13 May 2013.

The internship position is funded by Africalia, the Belgian funding agency, through a three year programme of support to the visual arts sector facilitated by the Visual Arts Network of South Africa.

This is an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the areas of arts administration, co-ordination and research; and to be involved in exciting interdisciplinary projects of national significance. The intern will work closely with GIPCA staff, ensuring involvement in all projects from the planning phases through to final execution.

Deadline: 15 March 2013. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview before the end of March 2013.
Full article is on the PANSA website, click here or visit

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7. National Arts Council - Call for applications for funding 2013
The National Arts Council invites individuals and registered organisations active in theatre, dance, crafts, literature, music, multi-discipline and visual arts to submit their applications for project funding.

Closing date: 15 March 2013
Outcomes date: 09 June 2013

Please note that late and incomplete applications will not be considered at all and no exceptions will be made. Application forms are available from the National Arts Council office or can be downloaded from

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8. Lottery funding available for film sectorNLDTF Arts and Culture will be doing a presentation to the film sector at the Centre for Creative Arts, University of KwaZulu-Natal on March 19.

The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund advertised their call for applications for Arts, Culture and Heritage on 3 February 2013 with the closing date being Friday 12 April 2013. The Arts, Culture and Heritage division wishes to make equitable distribution across the sectors that fall under their mandate. Over the years that NLDTF has been in existence, the film sector has been an industry that does not seem to be aware of NLDTF funding. NLDTF wishes to make a presentation to the sector and make them aware of the trust's mandate as well as compliance requirements.

The presentation details will be as follows:
Date: Tuesday 19 March 2013
Time: 09:00 - 12:00
Venue: Centre for Creative Arts Boardroom, Mazisi Kunene Ave, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Contact: 031 260 2506

All questions around NLDTF within the sector funding will be handled during the session.


Gift of the GAB - Improvisation classes for adults
 (4 March - 3 April)
Open to individuals, companies, book clubs, golf clubs, friends, friends of friends, basically anyone and everyone who wants to have fun, take ownership of their life and try something new! Rising Star Academy and award-winning theatre practitioner, Bev Cooke-Tonnesen, presents Gift of the GAB; a powerful self-development program that uses stage performance skills to develop life skills in a truly dramatic way.

*Discount available for PANSA members*

To register for this course simply drop me a mail

Full details are available on the PANSA website, click here


1. Magnet Theatre, in association with the Baxter Theatre Centre, presents Voices Made Night
Adapted from the short stories Vozes Anoitecidas by Mia Couto.
This is image theatre at its best, united with a powerful poetic text that takes physical theatre to new heights. It brings together an ensemble of powerful performers, expressive music and evocative staging in a truly contemporary African theatrical experience
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Age restriction: Not suitable for children under 13

Dates and Times:
Opens on 1 March at 20:15
Thereafter Monday to Saturday at 20:15
Show runs until 23 March 2013
Venue: Baxter Flipside

Special offer is R50.00. Please contact Carmen Kearns 021 6803993

*Discount also available for PANSA members*

Full article is available on the PANSA website, click here
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2. Zabalaza Theatre Festival : 2 - 23 March at the Baxter Theatre Centre
A bumper line-up and further innovations at this year’s third annual Zabalaza Theatre Festival 2013, showcasing over 30 productions which features more than 200 artists over three weeks at the Baxter

Over 30 productions, showcasing more than 200 artists in drama, physical theatre, poetry, hip hop, music theatre and opera, will fill the stages at the third annual Zabalaza Theatre Festival 2013, running over three weeks from 2 to 23 March at the Baxter Theatre Centre.

The festival will platform work by local theatre-maker’s, artists, groups and companies in the Western Cape with additional contributions from Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria. Earlier this year two productions were selected at the Eden Drama Festival which was held in Riversdale.

Widely regarded as one of the premier development platforms in the country, the Zabalaza Theatre Festival has received great acclaim since it was launched at the Baxter in 2011. Since its inception the festival has grown exponentially and each year the organisers pay special attention to innovate and expand the programme.

Full article is available on the PANSA website, click here OR visit for the full schedule.
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3. Flatfoot Dance Company celebrates 10 years
Flatfoot Dance Company celebrates its 10th anniversary year with a special
season of dance theatre entitled Last Thoughts.

"Last Thoughts" runs from 13 to 16 March with shows at 7.30pm and on Sunday 17 March with a matinee at 3pm. Tickets cost R80 with discount for pensioners and students at R60. Opening night, 13 March, is a special gala fundraiser with champagne and birthday cake after the show. Tickets for this gala cost R150 and all money raised will go towards supporting the dance education and development work being done by Flatfoot in Umlazi, KwaMashu, Newlands East, and Tugela Mouth. Booking is through Computicket.

Full article is available on the PANSA website, click here
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4. Infecting The City Festival Public Arts Festival: 
11th -16th March 2013, Cape Town City Centre

Infecting the City places exciting new public art in unexpected spaces in the middle of the City that challenges Cape Town's idea of art, itself and its streeInfecting The City Festival Public Arts Festival : 11th -16th March 2013, Cape Town City Centre

Infecting the City places exciting new public art in unexpected spaces in the middle of the City that challenges Cape Town's idea of art, itself and its streets.

The Festival is designed as a series of routes through the City. Each day has either one or two routes in the afternoon and evening. On this site, you can either download the entire programme, click on the day that suits your schedule or search for the art piece you want to see.

Download Programme
Join hundreds of artists from the 11th March at 6.00pm in The Company's Gardens, in front of the Iziko South African Museum.
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5. Sophiatown – a matric set work brought to lifeThis play, based on the life history of Sophiatown, the ‘Chicago of South Africa’, a vibrant community that produced not only gangsters and shebeen queens but leading journalist, writers, musicians and politicians and gave urban African culture its rhythm and style. In the 1950s, 65 000 residents were forcibly removed and Sophiatown was dismantled by the nationalist government. 2012-2013 sees Sophiatown celebrating 100 years as a neighbourhood – a mix of communities over a century, experiencing all the attendant richness and tragedy of life before, during and after apartheid.
In conjunction with the Matric drama set work, Catalina Theatre proudly presents the educational play Sophiatown . . . bringing it to life in full theatre 3D HD.

Date: Daily from Thursday, 14 March – Wednesday, 27 March
Times: Mon – Fri at 11am, Sat at 7pm, Sun at 2pm
Tickets: Learners & Teachers R50 pp
General Public R80pp

- Catalina Theatre: 031 305 6889 or 031 201 4738
- email
20 MARCH celebrates the ASSITEJ Take a Child to Theatre Day
To celebrate this day the Catalina Theatre is giving away 140 complimentary tickets to the audience. Book to see Sophiatown now and be sure to win!

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6. The African Passion set to tour SA for Easter 2013 (14 March-28 April)
This Easter, Catalina UnLtd in Durban, funded by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund will bring the nation an exciting brand-new, original gospel opera-musical – The African Passion – which is set to tour to major South African cities over the Easter period.

This world premiere brings the Passion of Christ to life in a sung-through music featuring original, innovative gospel-inspired songs. The story is based on the Gospel according to St John and will be a choral masterwork featuring close to a hundred voices on stage in every city. The tour begins in Durban and then moves respectively to Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Soweto, Johannesburg, Mafeking and then back to Durban.

More details about the show are available on the PANSA website, click here

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7. SA gears up to Take a Child to the Theatre Today
The South African theatre community is gearing up for the much anticipated "Take a Child to the Theatre Today" 2013 campaign which encourages our youngest citizens to become audiences for theatre.
The festival will take place from 20 - 28 March 2013 at Vrygrond/Capricorn and Observatory, Cape Town as we as from 08 - 14 April 2013 in Plettenberg Bay.

For more information on the campaign or the Family Seasons of Performances, please contact Themba Mzondi, ASSITEJ SA Marketing and Fundraising Manager 021 822 0070/1/2 or e-mail

The full article is available on the PANSA website, click here

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8. Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference
The inaugural conference takes place on Monday 1 April and Tuesday 2 April 2013 in Cape Town and aims to encourage networking and the sharing of information between all involved in the African music community. The event will attract a diverse audience from the local community, national visitors, other African countries as well as European and American delegates who are working with African music in their respective territories.

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