Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Badilisha Poetry X-Change - Pan-African Event

The world’s biggest online archive of Pan-African poetry, Badilisha Poetry X-Change, will be hosting live poetry in Cape Town to celebrate the end of the Badilisha Poetry Road Trip – a trip into the African continent to meet and record the work of the poets who live and work here.
The event will take place on December 4th 2015

Venue: The Beautiful Life, 70-72 Bree Street, Cape Town.

What you can expect:

A host of internationally acclaimed poets like TJ Dema from Botswana.
Prof Keorapatse Willie Kgositsile from South Africa will be there.
There will also be voices from Tanzania, Ethiopia and beyond.
The event is taking place with the support of IFPC and UNESCO.
Badilisha Poetry X-Change is a project of the Africa Centre.

For more info visit:

This edition by Fred Felton

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

All the winners from the Cafe Society Awards

Some new faces and old favourites come out on top at this year’s Illovo Café Society Awards
The greatly anticipated annual Café Society Awards, sponsored by Illovo Sugar SA and brought to you by the Sunday Tribune Newspaper, took place on Tuesday the 27th of October 2015 at Duke and Duchess in Umhlanga.

The 2015 Café Society winners announced were:

Best Coffee - South Coast:
1st Place: Beaver Creek Coffee Estate (Port Edward)
2nd Place: Tea @ Baytree (Shelly Beach)
3rd Place: Mojo’z Café (Shelly Beach)

Best Coffee - Pietermaritzburg and Midlands:
1st Place: Terbodore Coffee Roasters (Curry’s Post)
2nd Place: The Olde Duck (Underberg)
3rd Place: Essence (PMB)

Best Coffee - Durban:
1st Place: Stretta Café (Hillcrest)
2nd Place: The Factory Café (Glenwood)
3rd Place: The Bean Green Coffee Roastery (Glenwood)

Best Coffee - North Coast:
1st Place: Duke & Duchess (Umhlanga Ridge)
2nd Place: Republik  (Durban North)
3rd Place: Wonderland (Linc Church, Salt Rock)

Barista Personality Award:
1st Place: Musa Magwaza (Stretta)
2nd Place: Maverick (Duke and Duchess)
3rd Place: Mac (Republik)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Musho Theatre Festival 2016 - Call For Proposals

MUSHO! FESTIVAL 2016 - get your proposals in now!

PANSA KZN will be hosting the Musho! International Theatre Festival from 13 January to 18 January 2016. 

The festival is dedicated to small works and the celebration of the skill of the solo or duo performer.

Proposals must be formatted as detailed below, and should be submitted to before 12.00 (midday) on 2 October, 2015.

All proposals are read by a selection committee of local theatre professionals, and successful applicants will be contacted at the end of October 2015.

Selection criteria for the festival include:

·      The work must have only one or two persons only performing.

·      The work should be an innovative and interesting concept.

·      The work should have potential appeal for local audiences.

·      The work should be able to perform in festival conditions, with quick get-in and strike, and simple technical requirements.

·      The work should be classifiable as theatre (with a discernible narrative) – we do not stage poetry, dance or music – although these elements can be included in the work.

·      The company or individual should have a good track-record and reputation.

·      The work should not have played publicly in Durban in the past 12 months.

·      The work should be 50-70 minutes in length.

Participants are paid for their participation in the festival.  The amount paid per performance will be confirmed at a later date, and is subject to the funding that PANSA receives.

 Contracts will be drawn up between the artists and the festival once selection and confirmation procedures have been concluded, in October 2015.


Your proposal must contain the following information, with the correctly numbered order.


1.  Name of producer / contact person

2.  Contact address, telephone number and email

3.  Name of show

4.  Genre of show (e.g.:  drama, comedy, physical theatre, musical theatre etc)

5.  Appropriate audience and age-group

6.  Any potential age restrictions related to: sex, nudity, violence, strong language.

7.  Exciting description of the show (maximum ½ page) – no scripts please!

8.  Description of technical requirements for the show

9.  Names of performers / directors / writers of the show

10.  Background and experience of the group (maximum ½ page)


10.  Details on where show has been performed previously (if any)

11.  Press reviews from show (if any)

12.  Photographs of the production (maximum of two photos)


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Almost Time For Jomba

The Centre for Creative Arts and the College of Humanities of the University of KwaZulu-Natal proudly present the 

17th annual JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience

26 August – 6 September 2015

Introdans - Un Ballo Copyright Introdans Photo Hans Gerritsen

The University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts, is proud to present its 17th annual JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience.  This year’s JOMBA! is an international and national treat for dance and theatre lovers with dancers, dance companies and choreographers making their way to Durban from all corners of the globe. For 12 full days, the Centre for Creative Arts offers some of the world’s best dance theatre work that will provoke, entertain, delight and challenge.

With the long term vision of using the JOMBA! platform to honour the African continent and to continue to make artistic connection with the rest of Africa, the festival opens with two works from West Africa. Lagos based Nigerian choreographers Adedayo Liadi and Qudus Onikekeu offer JOMBA! the world premiere of their new duets called “City of God, City of Man”. Imagining the stage as the “city” the audience enters this performance world where these two virtuoso dancers work both in and out of harmony in a conversation about contemporary Africa. This is followed by the rare and beautiful dance theatre vision of Kisangani (Democratic Republic of Congo) based Faustin Linyekula. No stranger to JOMBA! (this is his third visit), Linyekula’s unique and critical vision of contemporary Africa has always made his work the key taking point at any festival. He comes to JOMBA! with his internationally acclaimed solo work “Le Cargo”. In this dance work, Faustin addresses the colonial and postcolonial African legacy of decades of war, terror, fear … all of which settle on the body; and his body specifically. He tackles, with the clarity of speaking truth to power, the legacies of memory and forgetting.

Dutch company, INTRODANS, join JOMBA! to offer a stellar programme (3 performances only) of dance works from their award winning repertoire. Considered one of Europe’s leading touring companies, INTRODANS works in a neo-classical ballet idiom that will definitely delight both ballet and contemporary dance lovers alike. They have titled their JOMBA! 2015 programme JOY4DANCE and it features two works by Dutch master Jiří Kylián where he display his delicate and profound ability to make partner work. The programme also includes a short quirky worked called “Psycho Killer” by choreographed Daniel Ezralow in which dancers are tied together with elastic bands and yet still manage to perform the whirlwind choreography. The programme concludes with a dynamic work by Robert Battle. Since 2011 Battle has been the artistic director of the famous Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in New York. Battles major qualities as a choreographer is his dynamic and physically challenging dance idiom and, of course, his imagination. “Bon Appétit!” was created especially for INRODANS in 2007 and offers 12 dancers full of energy and dynamism.

Supporting the local dance industry, JOMBA! is proud to offer Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre celebrating its 20th year this year, a platform to present its most recent and controversial offering called “rite”. Directed and conceptualised by Jay Pather and choreographed jointly by him and the full cast, “rite” premiered at this year’s Dance Umbrella in Johannesburg in February, and caused a storm of critical discussion. No stranger to controversy and sitting on the cutting edge, Pather’s “rite” is a re-imaginations of Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps (Rite of Spring), first presented with Nijinsky’s choreography of 1913. Using the vehicle of ancient ritual to probe the contemporary, “rite” is a journey into a deep and dark contemporary Africa and is dance theatre at its most profound!

JOMBA! 2015 is also extremely proud to host the outcome of the 3rd year of a long term dance collaboration between Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre (Chicago, USA) and Durban’s celebrated FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY. This collaboration began in 2013 at the JOMBA! platform, went on to continue in Chicago in July 2014, and returns to Durban for 2015. Despite the huge challenges of finance, navigating the distance (spatially and in the head and heart) of North/South hemispheres, and 24 hour flights across numerous time zones, these two companies have found each other in a space of mutual respect and recognition of the dance and art education work they do. This JOMBA! 2015 programme is a testament to some audacious personal and artistic will to keep the connection alive and offers 5 unique works; some from the Deeply Rooted repertoire, and some from the collaborative space shared by these two companies, dancers and choreographers. The programme features dance work by Chicago’s Kevin Lega Jeff, Nicole Clarke Springer, Anthony Marshall, Gary Abbot and Durban’s Lliane Loots.

Finally, on the main platform performance front, JOMBA! continues its long-standing relationship with artSpace (durban) Gallery where Johannesburg based dance and performance artist Nhanhla Mahlangu will perform his acclaimed work “CHANT”.  Directed by Gerard Bester, the work is a site-specific dance theatre response to contemporary manipulations of nature, the use of technology, religion, tradition and politics to the point where our only spaces (living and in the mind) are crippled. It is a heartfelt and very beautiful word, sound and physical danced work that honours Mahlangu’s desire to leave a better world to his two daughters.
The artSpace event also offers a site responsive viewing of the outcome of a collaborative exchange between the Floating Outfit Project (Durban, South Africa) and Studios Kabako (Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo). Guided by Faustin Linyekula and Boyzie Cekwana, this laboratory programme has featured 9 dancers from both West and South Africa. Cekwana and Linyekula see this artistic space – intriguingly called  “Redefining … Homework” - as part of an on-going 15 year long conversations that asks the young artist involved to find their truth as they share (homework style?) what it means to be an artist living and working in Africa.

JOMBA! hosts its usual platforms of the Fringe (Tuesday 1 September) with 10 new works of 10 to 15 minute each, and the Youth Fringe (Sunday 30 August ). With over 30 entries for a coveted place in this year’s JOMBA! Fringe, the selection of only 10 works was a difficult task but means that the final selection offers a standard of dance theatre that is growing. The JOMBA! Youth Fringe takes place at the UKZN Open Air Theatre (entrance is free) and is a celebration of over 20 KZN based youth dance groups and the incredible dance work that they are doing.

JOMBA! also offers a full programme of workshops and master classes by all of the participating dancers and choreographers. For a full listing go the JOMBA page on These workshops and classes are offered free of charge but booking is essential.

And a first for JOMBA! is a special dance lighting workshop hosted by USA based Christian Epps. Epps comes to JOMBA! with Chicago’s Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre team and his willingness to be here has him taking on a vital role in the technical team for the whole of the festival, and offering this dedicated lighting workshop for choreographers on the 31 August at the Elisabeth Sneddon Theatre. 20 participants were chosen from a very rigours application process.

Tickets are R60 and R45 (scholars/students/pensioners).
Bookings: Computicket or at venue from one hour before.

Venues: Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre at 7.30pm except on Wednesday  2 September at 6.30pm where it takes place at artSpace Durban.

For more information, please go to and
Facebook  JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience

Twitter @Jomba_dance

JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience is organised by the Centre for Creative Arts (UKZN) with valuable support from the eThekwini Municipality.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Uber

1. App based technology
Uber’s app based technology is quick, easy and so simple to use. You can rest assured in the fact that you know you can always get a car whenever or wherever you are.

2. You know your driver
Uber’s technology allows you to see your driver's name, image, the vehicle that he drives as well as the vehicle registration. Riders will always know who they are getting into a car with.

3. Driver vetting process
Uber partner-drivers are registered to drive on the Uber platform. All driver partners have a professional driver’s permit (PrDPs), roadworthy certificate and commercial and passenger liability insurance. Driver-partners then go through a secondary criminal background check, by a third party supplier that leads the industry. You are assured you are being connected to one of the safest drivers on the road.

4. You are never alone with Uber
Did you know that you can share your estimated time of arrival (ETA) with family and friends? Your loved ones can track your route when you are in an Uber, this way they will always know where you are.

5. Cashless System
There is no need to stress about finding the correct amount of  cash, just register your credit or cheque card on the app for seamless billing. Upon completion of your trip a receipt is sent directly to your email inbox. Questions or queries? Drop customer support an email and a real live person will be able to answer them.

6. Affordability
One of the things that make Uber so popular is that it is so affordable, which makes getting around easier. There are no hidden costs and you always know what you will be charged, by requesting a fare estimate on the app before you take that ride. You can also fare split with friends in the car with you - making your ride that much more affordable.

7. No more drinking and driving
Now here’s another thing that adds to the popularity of Uber - knowing you never have to drink and drive again! Uber is a reliable and safe option after a night out and you can rest assured that you will get home safely. A recent study, in Seattle, shows DUI incidents have dropped 10% since Uber launching.  

8. Friendly and professional drivers
Uber is most definitely your own private driver. When last did you have someone open a car door for you? Well Uber drivers know just how to make their clients feel special and comfortable, they even providing water and mints. Plus you can rate your driver at the end of every trip - the better the driver the better the rating.

9. Roadworthy and safe vehicles
Uber drivers take pride in their vehicles and ensure that their cars are always clean and safe. All vehicles have roadworthy certificates and drivers have to show proof of  insurance before they are allowed to drive on the Uber platform.

10. Uber is in 300+ cities and growing
Travelling to London, Kenya, Chicago or China? Uber has a presence in 300+ cities around the world and you can be sure that you will receive the same service and the same level of professionalism in any of these 300 cities.

Follow updates from Uber on Twitter @Uber_RSA and like Uber’s Facebook page at

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

PMB Jazz Festival Is Coming

A-List Performers For This Jazz Festival

Golden Horse Casino, Hotel and Entertainment is hosting the 2nd Annual Pietermaritzburg Jazz Festival on 1 August 2015 with an exciting line-up.

2015 Artist line-up:

  • Freshlyground
  • Jimmy Dludlu
  • Judith Sephuma
  • Zakes Bantwini
  • Vincent Bones
  • Thokozani Langa
  • Joel Zuma
  • Prime Circle
Tickets: Computicket

Venue: Golden Horse Infield
Doors open 10am - Midnight

No alcohol will be allowed in the venue.

For more info: 033-395-8126 or

This edition by Fred Felton
Twitter @fredfelton 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Get The New Doritos Jacked and You Could Win A Trip To Ibiza

Inspire Boldness with new Doritos Jacked
Doritos fans that are hungry for adventure are in for a treat with the introduction of Doritos JACKED; a Bigger, Thicker, Bolder, JACKED up version of all the things you love about your favourite tortilla style corn chips.

Inspiring you to aim for bolder heights and push the boundaries of your experiences, new Doritos JACKED is like nothing you have experienced before. With even more crunch appeal, each Doritos JACKED tasty triangle packs an intense flavour punch with a choice of either Spicy Nacho or Smokin’ Hot BBQ in a bigger 230g bag.

Doritos JACKED is inviting you to celebrate with them.  One lucky fan and three friends stand the chance to jet off on an unforgettably bold, five day, four night adventure to the ultimate party destination, Ibiza*. To stand a chance to experience some of the best parties Ibiza has to offer, follow Doritos JACKED on Facebook (, or look in-store for details.

Fans recently voted Doritos as the coolest snack brand in the Sunday Times Generation Next 2015 survey for the 11th year running.  Doritos JACKED is the latest exciting way Doritos is keeping you coming back for moreGet a taste of new #DoritosJacked from all major retailers nationwide at a recommended selling price of R19.99.

*T&C apply, competition closes 16 August 2015

Friday, July 3, 2015

Win An UberChopper Ride To The Durban July

Want to arrive in style at the 2015 Vodacom Durban July on Saturday?

You and Two friends have the chance to do so with uberCHOPPER

The winner and their friends will be transported in a luxurious Uber to a helipad in Durban where they will be flown in an uberCHOPPER to the Greyville race track.

The prize also includes entrance into the Jack Daniel's Boomtown Marquee and transport home after a VIP day at the races.

How to win:

  • Open your Uber app at 8:30am on Saturday 4th July and you will see an uberCHOPPER icon called uberDBNJULY 
  • Toggle over to the uberCHOPPER option
  • Set your pick-up location and tap the DBNJULY button to request this unbelievable experience
  • If you are the fastest an uber will arrive to whisk you and 3 friends away to the helipad so you can arrive in style
To arrive in style all you need to do is download the free app for Android, iPhone, Blackberry 7, Windows Phone or register for Uber at 

Facebook: UberRSA
Twitter: @Uber_RSA 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Almost time for Decorex Joburg 2015

Decorex Joburg is almost here and the line up looks amazing:

Stephen Falcke at Decorex Joburg 2014 - Image Supplied

This year you can expect some amazing features including:

  • Stephen Falcke's classic-contemporary and impeccably proportioned interiors
  • The Private Property Trend House
  • The sophisticated Graham Beck Wine Bar
  • The designs of Kirsten Di Clemente
  • The Grid Cafe 
  • The Plascon 2016 Colour Forecast
  • The Sprada Cafe
  • The Dining and Entertaining Theatre sponsored by Kitchen Frontiers
  • The Consol Gourmet Food Market
  • The Ballroom Art Gallery
There is much more on offer so you better book early:

Dates: 6 - 10 August 2015
Public Access: 6th August 1pm - 6pm
7th to 10th August 10am - 6pm
Tickets: R100 adults, R85 pensioners and scholars, R15 for kids under 12

Trade Access:
Trade-only preview morning: 6th August 10am - 1pm
Trade focused days: 6th and 7th August

Venue: Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand

For more info visit:

Article by Fred Felton
Twitter @fredfelton 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Murder on Mondays opens soon in Durban

There's a new play opening soon in Durban.

The Cast of Murder on Mondays - Photo Credit: Thousand Words Photography
They say it is best not to mention Macbeth in the the theatre industry so I won't.

Anyway speaking of Macbeth, Murder on Mondays is a dark comedy focusing on a struggling theatre company and their doomed attempts to put on a production of Macbeth.

The story follows eccentric director, Thandeka Dlamini (better known as Cristina Riley to her staff) and her lazy-but-lovable assistant Sarah Murphy on their journey trying to put one of Shakespeare's greatest plays together.  Look out for mishaps, rumours of a curse, a vengeful ghost and if that is not enough someone is slowly killing off the cast one by one. Join the bumbling Inspector Maharaj as he tries to hunt down the Monday Murderer and and uncover the truth behind the Curse of Macbeth.

Cast includes Nqobile Mahlambi, Shannon Newton, Lindo Cele, Jason Pieterson and more.

Murder on Mondays is written by Mikhale Singh and directed by Preven Reddy.

It runs at Seabrooke's Theatre, 277 St Thomas Road, Musgrave - situated within Durban High School.

Dates: 9th - 18th July

Tickets: in selected stores and online from Webtickets


Friday, June 26, 2015

Big Bok support from Tsogo Sun

Tsogo Sun is getting behind the Boks in a big way with their 'Fly The Flag' initiative.

They are behind SA Rugby and their #HomeGroundAdvantage social media campaign for the Rugby World Cup.

For a 2 month period the public are invited to sign a good luck message to the Boks on a ribbon using one of  the Ribbon devices at Tsogo Sun properties around the country. These ribbons will be sewn together to form a 3m x 8m flag that will be displayed on the Montecasino Piazza.  A smaller replica flag will be handed over to the Boks at the send-off ceremony at Montecasino in September.

Tsogo Sun also has a competition where a fan and five friends can win a weekend at the Palazzo Penthouse to watch the final game at Montecasino Boktown.  All you have to do is post the best Springbok supporters selfie.

For more info visit
Twitter @TsogoSun
Facebook TsogoSun

Article by Fred Felton
Twitter @fredfelton

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

ACT and eThekwini to host networking seminar

ACT, in partnership with eThekwini Municipality, is set to host a free information sharing and
networking seminar in Durban on 01 July.

The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) and eThekwini Municipality’s Parks Recreation & Culture Unit invite individual practitioners and representatives from arts, culture and heritage organisations, based in the Durban region, to attend an information sharing and networking seminar, which will provide valuable knowledge on opportunities offered through the Trust, eThekwini and other creative sector organisations.

Venue: Beer Hall Gallery, Rivertown, from 10:00 - 12:00, the seminar will offer a dynamic programme, which is set to kick off with a presentation by ACT CEO, Pieter Jacobs that will offer an overview of the South African arts funding and sponsorship landscape, share information and tips that could be useful to individuals raising funds for the arts or creative projects as well as look at the opportunities offered through the Trust’s programmes.

“We look forward to empowering arts practitioners and arts, culture and heritage organisations based in eThekwini with knowledge about the various options available to them,” says Pieter Jacobs. “By imparting valuable information to practitioners and organisations, we hope to strengthen, inspire and advance the creative sectors in eThekwini.”

Representatives from eThekwini will present opportunities available through the municipality’s Parks Recreation & Culture Unit. As a city, eThekwini’s most crucial resource is our people, their ideas, talents, lived experiences and heritages. Fundamental to our city’s ability to achieve its vision of enjoying the reputation of being Africa’s most caring and liveable city, is the extent to which the city is able to invest in its people beyond the hardware type infrastructure – buildings, roads or electricity and to invest in creative infrastructure which is made up of predominantly soft infrastructure. We need to invest in our people’s creativity and imagination through the cultural and creative industries which together constitute the creative economy in a Creative City.

The seminar will also feature presentations by Sheryl Msomi from VANSA, Gisele Turner and Pauline Dalais from ASSITEJ South Africa, and Shakila Maharaj from AudioDescribe International.
To reserve your place to attend the seminar, please click on the following link to RSVP before 30 June: 

For more info, please contact ACT at or on 011 712 8403 or

Artsmart at 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Opportunity for a Young MC

Hunt for talented MC to host awards underway

The search for a dynamic young presenter who will emcee the 7th ACT | DALRO | 
Nedbank Scholarships finale is underway. 

The countrywide series of auditions will kick off in June. This will be done alongside 
the search for the top six young performers who will be eligible to win one of three 
scholarships, with a combined value of R315 000, to go towards their tuition fees 
for a performing arts qualification at any accredited South African tertiary institution.
The seventh edition of Magic in the Making awards – set to take place at the 
Market Theatre in Johannesburg’s Newtown Precinct on 12 October 2015 – 
will have a showcase by the six finalists to a live audience and an independent 
panel of judges. The production’s variety show format will not only allow the participants
 to deliver enchanting pieces in dance, singing and acting but also have the 
charismatic presenter bring all the acts together into a seamless performance for 
the audience and judges to enjoy.

MC search auditions will take place on the same dates as the auditions for the 
Scholarships themselves. There is no registration fee, and participants can register 
online at:

Closing date for the MC registrations is 19 June 2015 and all 
registered individuals will be 
supplied with audition material and necessary details.

Auditions will take place in the following regions:
  • 30 June and 1 July: Durban (KwaZulu-Natal)
  • 3 and 4 July: Cape Town (Western Cape)
  • 6, 7 and 8 July: Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape)
  • 15 July: Pretoria (Gauteng)
  • 16 and 17 July: Johannesburg (Gauteng)
  • 24 July: Kimberley (Northern Cape)
  • 25 July: Bloemfontein (Free State)
  • 28 July: Potchefstroom (North West)
  • 30 July: Witbank (Mpumalanga)
  • 01 August: Polokwane (Limpopo)
The deadline for registrations for the Performing Arts Scholarships Programme 
have been extended to this Friday, 5 June 2015.

Click here for more information on previous winners, finalists, guidelines and
email or contact the ACT office on 011 712 8403.
ACT acknowledges support from the following organisations as regional 
partners: University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), Port Elizabeth Opera House (PEOH), 
The Market Theatre Foundation, Mayibuye Arts Centre, University of the Free State’s Scaena Theatre, 
Witbank Civic Theatre, Artéma Instituut vir Kunstebestuur en Ontwikkeling,
 Limpopo Youth Orchestra and Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Uber is making it easier to get around South Africa

Now Uber is making it even easier to get around Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Travelling around South Africa’s biggest cities easily and safely has just got more affordable than ever before as Uber celebrates the first anniversary of uberX by cutting prices by 20% in June.

An amazing one million+ trips were completed in South Africa during 2014 using the innovative technology that connects riders with drivers.

We are humbled by how South Africa has embraced Uber. Our launch of uberX a year ago, in particular, has changed how people now move around our great cities. To thank riders for their loyal support, we are cutting prices across the country for the month of June.” says Uber general manager for Cape Town, Anthony le Roux.
Lower fares will mean more trips for partner-drivers who will be able to earn as much, if not more, than before. More than 2,000 people are already earning, building better lives for themselves and their families, by building entrepreneurial businesses using Uber.
As Uber has seen in many other cities around the globe, more people want a ride when prices are lowered. This increased demand means drivers spend less time waiting for a passenger and more time earning.” says General Manager for Uber in Johannesburg and Durban, Alon Lits.
As well as extending safe, reliable and convenient transport to a growing number of riders across South Africa, Uber aims to further enable the economic empowerment of its driver-partners.
“Using Uber is already more cost effective than owning your own vehicle. This price cut goes further, getting even more people out of their cars and into Ubers and, in turn, helping the entrepreneurs who partner with us to earn more.” adds Lits.
Uber offers a real alternative to car ownership in South Africa and is encouraging people to #DitchYourKeys with lower prices for uberX trips throughout June. So whether heading to the airport, a meeting or even a lunch with friends, it is time to get connected with a safe driver at a further reduced fare.

To make use of this promotion, users need simply to download the free application for Android, iPhone, Blackberry 7, Windows Phone or register for Uber at It’s important to note that this promotion is for uberX only.

I had a chat to Samantha Allenberg from Uber and she confirmed that from Durban to Umhlanga will now cost you R116 either way.

She also went on to explain that Uber has now migrated their Twitter handles to one national Twitter handle so you can find them at @Uber_RSA from now on.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Nederburg's New Spanish-Style Flagship Blend Released

Nederburg has launched its long-awaited, richly-fruited and plush Ingenuity Spanish blend now that it has had enough time in the bottle to begin expressing its potential, says cellarmaster Razvan Macici.

The 2012 maiden vintage is a blend of 90% Tempranillo and 10% Graciano, both famous Rioja varieties that have transplanted extremely well to the Cape's growing conditions. 

Nederburg has been experimenting with these and other Mediterranean varietals well-suited to changing climatic conditions for more than a decade.  Both the Tempranillo and Graciano were established at the winery's Simondium farm in 2004.

The new blend forms part of Nederburg's flagship Ingenuity collection, which is the showcase for the winery's most innovative and original wines. Grapes were selected from individual vines that were then further sorted at the cellar that is equipped with a top-of-the- range vibrating hand-sorting table for the exclusive wines in the range.

Macici describes the blend as big and bold with intense aromas and flavours, supported by smooth, silky tannins. "It abounds with aromas and flavours of ripe dark fruits and dried plums, tempered by some savoury notes of leather and tobacco leaf and well-integrated wood spices of vanilla and clove."

He was inspired to create the wine after working with renowned Spanish winemaker Simon Arina Robles, the technical director of top boutique Rioja winery Bodega Baigorri. Robles spent a month working at Nederburg in 2010.

Macici decided on Graciano as a blending companion for its concentration of colour, and for the firm backbone of acidity and weight it would lend to Tempranillo's intensity of fruit.

The fruit was cold-soaked to delay fermentation. The technique allows for optimal extraction of colour, aroma and flavour and gives a fine mouthfeel, good structure and accessible tannins to the resulting wine. "Even after fermentation on the skins in old 500-litre open wooden vats, maceration continued.  We wanted vivid colours, aromas and an explosion of flavour in the mouth but also depth, complexity and staying power, and a very approachable texture."

Unusually, the wine underwent double first-fill barrel maturation. It first spent three months in first-fill American oak, followed by another 14 months in first-fill French oak.

"The wine needs the wood. It provides a well-balanced counter to the fruitiness and enriches it, imparting excellent structure so it manages to be very approachable but serious at the same time."

He says it can be cellared for at least 10 to 15 years with excellent results but is obviously sufficiently aged now, after some time in the bottle, to give great enjoyment.

He recommends serving it with bold-flavoured, robust dishes prepared with a bite of spice, such as paella, game fish, chorizo, grilled venison, beef or pork, smoked meats and also dishes featuring roasted brinjals, peppers and mushrooms.

Locally, it is available from the farm, via, and from selected wine specialists in the major centres. It retails for around R280 a bottle. 

Visit for more on the brand, or send an e-mail to

Follow Nederburg on Facebook (, Twitter ( and Youtube ( for the latest news, events and wine and food pairing ideas. 

Join the conversation using: #NederburgDiscover


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Actors, musicans, dancers wanted for theatre project | Suncoast gets their own Braai Master | Call for Artworks

Actors, musicians, dancers, acrobats wanted for the international theatre and music project "INSTANT ACTS against violence and racism 2015"

Interkunst e.V. (Berlin) is looking for young performing artists for their upcoming theatre and music tour "INSTANT ACTS against violence and racism". The project takes place in Germany, Italy and lasts from the beginning of September until the end of October 2015. We are looking for individuals and duos (age between 17 and 30), who are active in theatre, dance, music, circus (no aerial acts), x-sport,etc. We want to create an international ensemble of 15 talented and creative people who are open for new experiences. The artists will come from different cultural backgrounds and represent various types of performance art: „from hip hop till classic“. Together we strive to make audiences aware of the different faces of violence and racism. Through interactive workshops, workshops-presentation and a high quality performance the project aims to motivate young people to lead active and creative lives.

“INSTANT ACTS” works effectively against prejudices, violence and racism.
Invited artists will be requested to bring pre-prepared short performances for the project (max 10 min), based on their personal experiences and ideas concerning the subject matter (against violence and racism). During the short rehearsal process prior to the tour, we will work together as a group to create original pieces as well. With the help of an artistic director, all the elements will then be brought together to create one professional touring show (75 min). Once on tour the artists will lead theatre, dance. Music (etc.) workshops for local youth. The morning workshops will be followed by an afternoon show. We will present our project in schools, theatres, cultural-centres and youth prisons. Travel, board, lodging and a salary are provided for every artist. We will inform per email about the amount of the salary everyonewho is interested in the participation.

The application should include following information:
1. Personal data: name, date of birth, nationality.
2. Pictures, videos, links.
3. Description of skills and artistic experiences.
4. Description of your capability to lead a workshop with young people.
5. Motivation to take part in this project (short, few sentences).

Please send your application latest until May 31st 2015 by

Please feel free to ask us about further details.
Some impressions from previous tours you will find in internet, writing „Instant Acts“ on youtube, fb, myspace and on our webpage.
The international youth theatre project "INSTANT ACTS against Violence and Racism" gets public support from various municipalities, districts and ministries of the federal states of Germany. The project has already been carried out more then 700 days in Germany and other countries in Europe.


VIP host at SUNCOAST, Tsepo Mchunu (23) has qualified for the 4th season of South Africa’s popular reality show, The Ultimate Braai Master alongside braai buddy Nthando Phungula (23).

Mchunu was a bursary recipient through the SUNCOAST Bursary programme facilitated by Chesterville based public benefit organisation, Vukukhanye. SUNCOAST has supported Vukukhanye as its main CSI beneficiary for the past six years. Tsepo’s journey with Durban’s premier entertainment destination began when he was awarded one of the first bursaries in 2009 through the Vukukhanye initiative. SUNCOAST supported Mchunu throughout his high school and tertiary studies where he graduated with a Marketing Diploma from Rosebank College. Mchunu joined SUNCOAST’s Marketing Department in 2014, as part of the SUNCOAST 2014 Graduate Program, where he gained invaluable experience in the fields of eventing, promotions, customer relations management, public relations and advertising.

Tsepo Mchunu’s introduction to the Ultimate Braai Master competition came by chance and through the encouragement of his mother. A day after entering he was notified via e-mail that he had caught the attention of the producers who requested further information.  After submitting his information Mchunu received a phone call from the crew to do a home audition, Mchunu obliged and the rest is history.

I gladly said YES and we scheduled a date that suited myself and the team and on the day I saw them downstairs with film crew, lights...THE WORKS.....that is when I knew that things were about to get real...” says Mchunu. If he wins the Ultimate Braai Master competition, Mchunu says he will donate proceeds from the competition to Vukukhanye. “A few days ago I wanted to start a restaurant for myself, but then realised that sometimes being popular is irrelevant without the motivation to help others. In my situation I got this far because of someone who didn’t think of themselves but thought of others,” says Mchunu.

Johannesburg based Nthando Phungula, originally from Pinetown, is a Regional Project Co-ordinator for a marketing company based in Melrose. Like Tsepo, Nthando has a bucket load of dreams to fulfil should they become the Ultimate Braai Masters such as building his parents their dream home, travelling all 7 continents and to make a success of at least one of his passions.

SUNCOAST Marketing Manager, Louise Howell says they look forward to seeing Tsepo and his braai buddy, Nthando Phungula on one of the most exciting culinary reality TV shows in Africa! “We wish him luck on his exciting road trip around Southern Africa and we will be cheering him on all the way!”

Tsepo Mchunu and Nthando Phungula join Eldry Leibrandt and Louis Pillay as the only two teams representing KwaZulu-Natal. Audiences can keep up to date on the progress of Tsepo and Nthando on the SUNCOAST Facebook and Twitter pages.

Call for Artwork Proposals 

The Africa Centre is calling for Curation and Artwork proposals for Infecting The City -Public Arts Festival 2016, which will be held from the 7th – 12th March 2016.  
Infecting The City unfolds on the streets and various other public spaces in the Central Business District (CBD) of Cape Town. The Festival provides an unusual opportunity for visual art, music, dance and performance to leave the confines of theatres and galleries to engage with or disrupt Cape Town’s daily movements.  The Festival's programme challenges audiences, shifts perspectives and helps to make sense of the public spaces we occupy.

Infecting The City experienced another successful year in 2015 with 53 artworks, 290 participating artists, and over 38,000 audience members.  This call is both for curators and artists.   We are seeking proposals from established curators/artistic directors to develop programmes within the Festival.   We are also, seeking artworks in two categories: New Works and Restaged Works.  Visual, performing artists and practitioners from other disciplines are invited to submit. The work can be a full ensemble piece, intervention, installation, video, totally interactive or some other form newly imagined. All works should translate to or work within a public environment, and actively engage intentional and incidental audiences alike.  For more details about the call, time frames and process go to the webpage.  The deadline for this submission is the 30th June for curators and 15th July for artworks.   Please watch the Facebook pagefor more announcements.