Sunday, May 22, 2016

An Elegant Gala Fund Raiser With Horse Power!

Jets & Jewels will be the theme for Friday, June 3rd, in Hanger 8 at Virginia Airport, when two local NPO organisations, the Nicholas Rey Foundation and Rescuetech will be joining forces to host an extravagant gala fundraiser brought to you by the Gold Circle Champion Season.
These two NPO organisations have partnered to provide critical emergency care and long term medical assistance to the general public and in particular victims of equestrian related incidents.
The Nicholas Rey Foundation was formed by Ricky Smit, a friend of Nicholas Rey, a victim of an unfortunate freak accident playing polo in June 2004 which left him with a severe brainstem injury, from which he is unable to move or speak. Rey is the Patron of the foundation and still remains an avid admirer of the horse, despite his injury.

Smit who has experienced a horse‐riding accident of her own, is aware of how fortunate she was not to have been severely injured and was inspired to make a difference, especially once she realised the medical costs incurred by the Rey family. Although the Rey family came from a financially secure background and could afford to pay for the on‐going medical treatment and rehabilitation of Nicolas’s treatment, there were many other victims who could not which was the basis for the establishment of the foundation. “Since its inception we’ve been able to help different people who have been injured in horse related accidents,” she said.

Now in its tenth year, the foundation has lent its help by importing medical devices, paying for physiotherapy rehabilitation sessions and more.
Smit who is undertaking flight training is also the Marketing Manager at the King Shaka Aviation Centre (KSAC) has still maintained her passion to help those in need and therefore, being based at Virginia Airport, has joined forces between her NPO organisation and the voluntary emergency search and rescue service, Rescuetech.

The vision of Rescuetech is to provide a voluntary, emergency rescue support service, additional to all existing ambulance, rescue, and safety services. Rescuetech is committed to both human and animal rescues. Since response‐time in emergencies is critical and high angle rescue services scarce, its mission is to react in the shortest possible time, to either conduct the rescue/medivac and or to assist in the rescue/medivac, and to help stabilise victims of medical and trauma emergencies.

They specialise in high angle rope rescues and works in conjunction with the SAPS, the SAAF and other emergency services. They operate to the highest technical standards according to their own detailed SOP and conduct regular training practices. Due to the nature of the various activities, the unit requires specialist equipment designed and manufactured to the highest standards. A great deal of the operating cost goes toward the maintenance and resupply of this equipment. At present although they receive some sponsorship there is still a financial shortfall which Rescuetech members are supporting from their own pockets.

To support these two well deserving NPO organisations, get dressed up in your elegant finery and purchase your ticket for just R400 per person at a table of ten and enjoy this unique fine dining experience in Hanger 8 at Virginia Airport.
The evening, which starts at 6pm for 6.30pm will have South African singer and songwriter, Dennis East, provide the entertainment, and you will have the opportunity to mingle with local movers and shakers with television and sporting personalities in attendance. The highlight of the evening will be an auction featuring items ranging from jewellery to art and will culminate in the racing career of a horse which is up for grabs.

Show some “horse power” with your generosity for these two volunteer organisations and be a part of giving back to those who volunteer by lending their helping hand to our loved ones. Call Ricky Smit now on 083 231 6458 or
email her at
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