Monday, April 24, 2017

Opportunity for Writers

The Imbewu Trust’s 2017 SCrIBE Scriptwriting Competition now open.

Prizes include:
·         Having a script produced for a professional run at a Cape Town theatre
·         Mentorship programmes
·         Engaging in feedback sessions with audience members at staged readings of the script by professional actors and a director.

Ts and Cs:
·         Scripts must not have been previously produced nor have existing future runs or plans to be produced
·         Scripts should be in English
·         No longer than 40 pages or 80 minutes long and with a maximum of 5 cast members
·         Entrants must be over 18 years old
·         The Imbewu Trust and judges are looking for original content of outstanding quality that explores the diverse range of South African stories.

Closing date for entries is 31 July

Info and the entry form are available at

To receive an entry form email

Article by Fred Felton | Twitter @fredfelton 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Cheaper office space for SME's

There is a growing trend of businesses opting to move away from office parks into residential areas.   This may seem unconventional, but there are certain financial benefits for SME’s to make this move.

“With the by-laws considered, yes, buying or renting office space in a residential area makes financial sense”, says Attie Anderson, Head of FNB Commercial Property Finance.

Anderson takes a look at some key considerations that a business has to take into account when deciding to buy or rent office space in a residential area.

What must one consider in terms of where to buy?
The biggest consideration is access to the property.  Are the access and exit points adequate for the expected visitors to the premises? Is the site in close proximity to major routes? How will peak hour traffic affect access to the premises?

What are the stumbling blocks with owning commercial property in a residential space?
Residential areas are prone to traffic stacking during peak times, especially close to schools and residents may complain about the rate of activity.  In residential areas, sufficient parking space may also be limited.

What are the legislative considerations?
One needs to ensure that the zoning of the property caters for the specific business to be operated thereon.   The zoning of the property attaches to the property itself, and not to the owner thereof. In some cases you may require special permission from the local authority (“consent use”). Consent use is normally granted to the owner of the property, with certain strict conditions to be adhered to. This consent use may not be transferred to subsequent owners (consent use therefore attaches to the owner, not the property).

How are rates and taxes calculated?
Rates are calculated in accordance with the rates policy of the Council in which jurisdiction the property is situated.  Properties with business zoning are calculated at a higher tariff than residential properties.  The valuation of the property is normally multiplied by the tariff and divided by 12 to obtain the monthly rates applicable to that property.  The valuation of the property will normally differ from area to area.

Is it good to rent or own this type of property?
It is always better to own property in a good area as it will appreciate in value and as you grow it might be an asset that you will either rent out or sell at a reasonable profit.

What types of businesses are best suited for residential areas?
A look at the sector suggests that professionals such as doctors, dentists, accountants and real estate agents seem to move more to residential areas.  Other industries that seem to benefit are beauty salons, printing franchises and smaller service providers such as plumbers and electricians.

“The decision to go into a residential area must be one that looks at the long term strategy of the business and its growth prospects, but on the whole, it is clear that there is merit in exploring office space in a residential area” concludes Anderson. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

50 Most Unique Items Forgotten in Ubers

1. Paintings
2. Diamond earring
3. Payslip
4. Guitar
5. Engagement Ring
6. Welcome Mat
7. School Papers
8. Chair
9. Laser
10. Nik Naks
11. Laptop Bag
12. Pool stick
13. Smoke Machine
14. Passports
15. Pearl Earrings
16. Wedding Outfit
17. Hard Drive
18. Pram
19. Police Uniform
20. Fifty Shades of Grey Boxset
21. Panado
22. Braai
23. Meat boerewors pack
24. Bread board
25. Wooden Clog
26. Lottery ticket
27. Back massage device
28. Rose Tree
29. Mustard
30. Marketing 101 Textbook
31. Elf costume
32. Tap shoes
33. Expensive slipper
34. Harry Potter Glasses
35. Green Pesto
36. Kite
37. Super Hero Cape
38. Potted plant
39. iPad
40. Dog Jersey
41. Contact Lenses
42. Pink Floyd Vinyl
43. One Direction Concert Tickets
44. Arm sling
45. Cleaning Mop
46. Vacuum Cleaner
47. Jewelry Box
48. Money Bag
49. Violin
50. Umbrella

If you’re one of those people who left something behind, look no further than this video, which outlines the simple steps you can take the next time you leave something behind in your Uber.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Highlights From SA Fashion Week SS2017

Some of the highlights from the Spring Summer Collections at SA Fashion Week SS2017

#StyleBySA collections from Woolworths showcased home-grown collections.  The collections are on sale on the Woolworths site this week at while stocks last.  These collections will be rolled out at their Canal Walk store, Sandton City store, Mall of Africa store, Midrand, Menlyn Mall and Gateway from 12 April 2017.


Article by Fred Felton  |  Twitter @fredfelton
Images: SA Fashion Week