Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are you going to Mobile Web East Africa 2013?

A Mobile Web Conference for Nairobi.  Are you ready?

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It's official: Mobile Web East Africa 2013 will take place at the Southern Sun Mayfair in Nairobi on February 20th and 21st.  The agenda is now live on the event website and registration is open, so why not take a minute to have a look at what we've got planned?
92% of the people who came along last year rated MWEA as the best event that they had ever attended and all the key players are back on board for 2013.  Plus, they're going to be joined by the likes of MEFiROKO PartnersJunk Mail Publishingand ThoughtWorks, illustrating the growing international feel of the conference.
We will of course be implementing our popular interactive roundtable format once again, although this does mean that total capacity at the venue is limited to just 140 attendees.  Due to early registrations we are already more than half full so if you're serious about attending this year I recommend that you register ASAP.  There's a $123 discount available to anyone who reserves their place on or before this Friday, 25th January.
I believe that this will be the best Mobile Web East Africa event yet.  Visit the event website to see why I'm so confident or drop me an email so I can share the latest up to date information or details on the Mobile Marketing East Africa Focus Day we'll be running.
Comments from attendees at All Amber's previous events:

“Africa's premier mobile conference. Top class.” Mark Kaigwa, Founder, Afrinnovator (Mobile Web Africa 2011 attendee)
“I made excellent business connections; a great opportunity for networking. Thanks for identifying/opening up the next wave of opportunities.” Petru van der Walt, Business Development: Africa, MXit (Mobile Entertainment Africa 2011 attendee) 
“You can count on the Mobile Web conferences to bring Africa's networks and minds closer. Great networking opportunity.”
Nanjira Sambuli, Digital Strategist, Sprint Interactive (Mobile Web East Africa 2012 attendee)
“I learnt so much about what is happening in the mobile industry in Nigeria. I made great contacts with key industry players. I would love to attend again. My first MWWA and it's the best.” Florence Toffa, Regional Coordinator, Web Foundation (Mobile Web West Africa 2012 attendee)

(Source - All Amber) 

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