Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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Catalina Theatre - Call for Proposals for 2014

Catalina UnLtd is calling for proposals for productions to be staged at the Catalina Theatre, Wilson’s Wharf, Durban for 2014.

The productions may be full theatre productions, children’s shows, music performances, dance, comedy, and the like. The aim is to get an interesting, innovative and eclectic mix while still focussing on good, solid mainstream theatre.

Please send a brief proposal consisting of:
·         Name and contact details
·         Type of show (e.g. music performance)
·         Synopsis or basic story line of the show
·         Number of cast members/performers
·         Brief director & actor/performer bios
·         Who would the show appeal to

Please email catalinasagm@gmail.com for more information or to submit your proposal.

Make 2014 your year to get on stage

(Source - Catalina Theatre)

(Source - A Word Of Art) 

Gruyere by Andrew Verster

“MY HANDKERCHIEF HAS MORE HOLES THAN A GRUYERE CHEESE closed after two performances at The Loft after tepid reviews.
 “The critics didn’t exactly rave about  AS YOU LIKE IT if you remember.”
 “I wasn’t there, so I’ll have to take your word for it,” John  Mault, the co-author said. “Joanna Ezard, my other half, has booked a ticket to Tasmania, she is so mortified.”  
“She has family there?”
“No. But TOURS INC were offering half price tickets to the first twenty takers. 
“Where’s Tasmania? She asked the clerk.
“Give me half a minute and I’ll look it up if I can find my pocket atlas. It must be around. I had to find Zimbabwe just last week. But, for the life of me, I couldn’t find it. It’s up north somewhere. I think they must have cancelled it.”
“Thank you. You’ve been wonderful.”
“No, problem. Pleased I could help.”

Andrew Verster is a world famous artist and writer based in Durban. 

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