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The KZN Music Imbizo is coming and read about a new star for Isidingo

The KZN Music Imbizo is coming soon:

KZN Music Imbizo is back for the sixth time in 7 years. The premier music business exhibition and conference, which has been independently run since 2007, announced the dates for 2013 – the event will be held at the Royal Hotel (Durban) from Thursday August 29 – Saturday August 31, 2013.
“KZN Music Imbizo is an independent annual music business exhibition and conference that is held in Durban (South Africa). The conference collects various music industry stakeholders under one roof to map the way forward for the KwaZulu-Natal music industry. It is a platform to exhibit, network, share expertise and knowledge “explains Sphe Mbhele, the project manager.

The event theme for 2013 is the question “IS THE INDUSTRY IS DEAD?” It will concentrate on the independent recording labels, support structures plus new and existing revenue streams. A special session on eventing and event licenses is on the cards. True to its slogan MUSIC IS BUSINESS TO MY EARS, the KZN Music Imbizo is all about practical ways in which all involved in the music industry can exploit their talents for financial gain.
KZN Music Imbizo will look the digital and mobile era. The local online platform KASI MP3 will be used as a case study.

“We are not afraid to say it. Music is business. It has made a few people rich and left a lot of people poor and exploited because they did not know any better. Music (like any other career) is also about passion, love, talent and many other things however the Imbizo is about understanding the business side because a lot of people spread the myth that music is only about the gift to connect on stage with people ” the KZN Music Imbizo project manager further explains.

The KZN Music Imbizo is divided into five sessions, namely:

1. Panel Discussions
2. Exhibition
3. Music Equipment Demonstration
4. Music Producers’ Lab
5. KZN Music Imbizo Festival

The KZN Music Imbizo festival is a three days event that will be hosted at LiVE The Venue from Thursday 29 August to Saturday 31 August. The festival will feature six genres from Hiphop, Kwaito, Maskandi, Rock and Gospel to House music – and some established, legendary and new voices of the KZN live music scene.
Look out for the KZN Music Imbizo Festival campaign launching at the end of June.
KZN Music Imbizo 2013 registration opens on June 1, 2013. The exhibition and music equipment demonstration will be free access areas (no entry fee) however you will need to register prior to the event.
For the panel discussions, music producers’ lab and the KZN Music Imbizo Festival:

1. VISITOR PASS – FREE (Access to the exhibition area and music equipment demonstrations area)
2. ONE DAY PASS – R50.00 (Access to the music producer’s lab, panel discussions, exhibition and music equipment demonstrations plus one show of the KZN Music Imbizo Festival)
3. TWO DAY PASS – R100.00 (Access to the music producer’s lab, panel discussions, exhibition and music equipment demonstrations for the two days plus one show of the KZN Music Imbizo Festival.

For more information on exhibition and sponsorship opportunities contact:

Sphe Mbhele (Project Manager)
Tel 031 301 8739 / 031 836 0311
Cell 072 058 6675

Visit our website:
Follow us on twitter: @kznmusicimbizo
Facebook Group and Page: KZN Music Imbizo
Flickr Photostream: kznmusicimbizo

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A New Star Joins Isidingo 


Kajal Bagwandeen joins SABC3's Isidingo 

Durban born actor and television presenter Kajal Bagwandeen recently landed another role 
in one of SA’s most anticipated soapies Isidingo, the need.

Kajal graduated with an honour's degree in accounting, auditing and taxation but through her 
love and passion for the entertainment industry she made up her mind and gave up her 
Chartered Accountant career path to focus on her performing career. Her first big stage role 
include the glamorous musical Bombay Crush which was directed by Junaid Ahmed, 
choreographed by Jay Pather and produced by Video Vision entertainment where she played 
the lead female role. She was subsequently seen in many musicals and stage dramas. She is 
also no stranger to the SA film industry and feels positive about the growth of the South 
African entertainment industry.

One of her recent career highlights include presenting on the red carpet and performing for 
the star studded SAIFTA’s (South African, India, Film and Television Awards) launch.
Kajal quickly became a popular face on television after presenting for Dharma moments, and 
Eastern Mosaic then landing the roles of Asha on SABC2’s 7delaan and now as Devina on 

Things take turn when Prada’s grandfather passes away and leaves him and his brother 
R1million inheritance. The good news about Prada’s grandfather’s will is tempered with a 
dramatic twist. The will contains a clause that neither brother will receive a cent until they are 
both married; to a woman! What will Prada do when Devina, the blushing bride appears on 
the scene?

“It's been wonderful shooting with the team. Everyone made me feel part of the family which 
is always welcoming when you're the newbie. As an actress, working in a new professional 
environment helps you grow and just being able to practice your craft amongst other talented 
people makes the experience all the more exciting” says Kajal
You can be sure that this vivacious lady will continue to grace your screens, stages and 
glossy pages!

Lookout for Kajal from the 6th of August 2013, 7.30pm only on SABC 3 Monday to Friday. 
Also follow her on Twitter @KajalBagwandeen

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