Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Art Exhibit Featuring Yiull Damaso, John Vlismas and The Pacman

New Art Exhibit with Yiull Damaso, John Vlismas and The PAC Revolution (Pacman)

After multiple death threats and much controversy Yiull Damaso is back with
an art exhibit.  He is still making social and political statements through his art.

He will be bringing back 'The Night Watch'  Oil on canvas.

Look out for 'Foreign Policy' as well.

Look out for artwork by stand-up comic John Vlismas

Post Big Deal Head by John Vlismas

Look out for some mixed media work by 'The Pacman' as well.

There will be plenty more on show at this exhibit.  One not to miss.

Exhibition opens Friday 18th October.
Time: 18h00 for 18h30
and runs until Saturday 9th November.

Address: 56 Buckinham Avenue, (entrance Rothesay Ave) Craighall Park.
Tel: 083-234-0870

(Source - Yiull Damaso)

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