Monday, January 19, 2015

You Get An Audition - You Get An Audition - Everyone Gets An Audition

There are so many auditions around the country

Auditions for KickstArt’s "Shrek, the musical"
Durban’s KickstArt Theatre Company, will be holding open auditions for the forthcoming South African premiere of the hit Broadway musical, "Shrek", due to run in May/June at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre later this year.
KickstArt invites all performers over 18 years of age with strong singing and dancing ability to come to the audition and try out for the large featured ensemble. Director, Steven Stead, indicates that his team is looking for 5 men and 6 women to play a variety of cameo character parts including, the Three Little Pigs, the Fairy Godmother, a Witch, Peter Pan, Ugly Duckling and a cross-dressing wolf.
Interested artists should be able to sing to a very high level, with strong Broadway-style “belt” ranges, and also be good dancers, able to pick up a variety of choreographic styles easily.
Auditions will be held at The Playhouse Theatre’s Mayville Studios on Saturday 24 January. Registration commences at 10am, with a dance audition at 10.30am. All those who make it through the dance audition will then be asked to sing individually for the production team. Please prepare an uptempo Broadway or musical theatre song (NOT a pop song!) that shows off range and character. Bring sheet music or a backing track on cd. Also, wear appropriate clothing and footwear for dancing. Nor slops or sandals!
Rehearsals will be held between 18 April and 15 May, 2.30pm-8pm Mon-Friday, and 10am-5pm Saturday. Performances are scheduled 7pm nightly, with 2.30pm shows on Saturday and Sunday and during the school holidays.
In Addition:
KickstArt is also looking for two 10-12 year old girls, and two 14-16 year old girls to play the Young and Teenage Princess Fiona. These girls need to have strong singing voices, and be capable of singing confidently in harmony. They also need to be fair skinned, since they need to resemble Jessica Sole, the actress playing the Adult Fiona.
Interested girls should arrive at Mayville Studios at 2.30pm and put their names on a register. They will be asked to sing a prepared song, preferably from a musical that shows off the belting range. No dancing is required.
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