Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Uber is making it easier to get around South Africa

Now Uber is making it even easier to get around Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Travelling around South Africa’s biggest cities easily and safely has just got more affordable than ever before as Uber celebrates the first anniversary of uberX by cutting prices by 20% in June.

An amazing one million+ trips were completed in South Africa during 2014 using the innovative technology that connects riders with drivers.

We are humbled by how South Africa has embraced Uber. Our launch of uberX a year ago, in particular, has changed how people now move around our great cities. To thank riders for their loyal support, we are cutting prices across the country for the month of June.” says Uber general manager for Cape Town, Anthony le Roux.
Lower fares will mean more trips for partner-drivers who will be able to earn as much, if not more, than before. More than 2,000 people are already earning, building better lives for themselves and their families, by building entrepreneurial businesses using Uber.
As Uber has seen in many other cities around the globe, more people want a ride when prices are lowered. This increased demand means drivers spend less time waiting for a passenger and more time earning.” says General Manager for Uber in Johannesburg and Durban, Alon Lits.
As well as extending safe, reliable and convenient transport to a growing number of riders across South Africa, Uber aims to further enable the economic empowerment of its driver-partners.
“Using Uber is already more cost effective than owning your own vehicle. This price cut goes further, getting even more people out of their cars and into Ubers and, in turn, helping the entrepreneurs who partner with us to earn more.” adds Lits.
Uber offers a real alternative to car ownership in South Africa and is encouraging people to #DitchYourKeys with lower prices for uberX trips throughout June. So whether heading to the airport, a meeting or even a lunch with friends, it is time to get connected with a safe driver at a further reduced fare.

To make use of this promotion, users need simply to download the free application for Android, iPhone, Blackberry 7, Windows Phone or register for Uber at It’s important to note that this promotion is for uberX only.

I had a chat to Samantha Allenberg from Uber and she confirmed that from Durban to Umhlanga will now cost you R116 either way.

She also went on to explain that Uber has now migrated their Twitter handles to one national Twitter handle so you can find them at @Uber_RSA from now on.

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