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Invitation to a book launch in Cape Town, music news, magic, tech news and more

You are invited to a book launch in Cape Town

Invitation to the launch of the book 'Influence - How to Start and Grow a Speaking Business'  by Richard Mulvey

The details are as follows:
  • Venue: Cape Town Hotel School Granger Bay - 
  • Address: Beach Road, Mouille Point, Cape Town - 021 - 9596767
  • Date: 10 June 2013
  • Time: 18h30 for 19h00 to 21h00
  • Cost: PSASA Members - free. All other guests - R200  -  Snacks provided
  • RSVP: Please email Simone on simone@psasouthernafrica.co.za for bookings, alternatively book online by clicking here. Bookings are essential
During the evening he will be going through what it takes to start a speaking business using examples, both good and bad, from his own career over the last 20 years. It will be a fun event and the book and DVD will be available for purchase.

(Source - Richard Mulvey) 

Music in Durban 

John Ellis and Nux live at St. Clements in Musgrave Road this Friday 31 May. Tickets R60 cash at the door.
Tel 031 2022511. Music starts 19h30 doors open 18h30.

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Join the Ryans for an easy run and a caffe in Newlands on 14 July
Some time back, friends Ryan Scott and ultra-marathon champ Ryan Sandes agreed to meet at vida e caffe in Constantia for a pre-run caffe. The guys were a little over-eager and we'd not yet opened our doors. Instead of settling for anything but vida caffe, Scott challenged Sandes to run to the Camps Bay store instead. And so 'Ryans² Run' was born - and has since evolved into an ongoing social run ending with a free caffe at one of our stores. The last one was in picturesque Hout Bay (above). You can join them on 14 July at Newlands for a leisurely (really) run in leafy surrounds. And of course, join us for a caffe on the house afterwards.

(Source - Vida e caffe

Mo Magic Appears on Top Billing

(Source - Mo Magic) 

Shannon Hope will be performing here:

Full booking details and info on shannonhope.co.za 

(Source - Shannon Hope) 

Nashua Mobile’s CEO Mark Taylor below, suggests these ways of beating bill shock.

Advice from Nashua Mobile on how to prevent Bill Shock

Golf is an expensive hobby, but it cost one man almost R1-million recently even though he was nowhere near a green. That was his cell phone bill after an app to analyse his golf swing kept running when he travelled abroad, scoring an exorbitant case of bill shock.

Smartphones are catching out consumers with massive bills caused by automatically downloading data. That’s expensive even on home turf, but if you’re abroad, it can turn an enjoyable trip into a nightmare. Nashua Mobile’s CEO Mark Taylor suggests these ways of beating bill shock:

Stamp out subscriptions
When you download a ringtone, you probably ignore the fine print warning that it’s a subscription service with a regular bill. Many only cost R5 a month, but some cost a scary R20 a day, and that’s a mighty expensive piece of music. “Before you use your handset to purchase anything read the fine print,” Taylor says. Check your bill, and if you’ve signed up for something by accident, unsubscribe immediately.

Overseas and overpriced
International roaming soon inflicts horrendous bills. “Data can cost up to R200 per Megabyte and when smartphone apps continue downloading content abroad it can give you a nasty shock,” says Taylor. Before you travel, ask your service provider to set an affordable limit. Better still, switch off data roaming via the settings menu in your phone. You can always switch it back on in an emergency. Then look for free wi-fi networks in coffee shops and upload your data for nothing. Your phone normally defaults to using a  wi-fi network even if your GSM option is still switched on, but you will need to log on to the wi-fi network first. If you need to make local calls at your destination, buy a local Sim card when you arrive.

Don’t bungle the Bundle
Smartphone users must buy a suitable data bundle, otherwise automatic downloads made by devices including the Samsung S3 and iPhone5 can easily cost R2 000 month. “A smartphone without apps is pretty boring, but the apps you download update automatically. If you’re on a budget set it to not update automatically, and only do it when you can get onto a Wi-Fi network,” Taylor says.

It wasn’t me...
If a thief grabs your Sim card, he can run up massive voice and data bills within hours. Report and block a stolen phone immediately. But Sim cards can be stolen from cell phones or least cost routers without anyone realising – until the bill arrives. Make sure those devices are secure and have a call limit set on the Sim card to prevent fraudulent use.

Switch the apps off
Ensure that you close apps properly when you are not using them. These include apps such as Facebook, Twitter, weather updates apps, live sports apps, GPS/location-aware apps. If not logged out completely, the apps continue to run in the background and can use up a lot of your data. For certain GPS apps, download the country specific maps while in South Africa to assist with costs. Ask your Service Provider for a spend limit to be placed before travelling to ensure there are no nasty surprises when you return.

“Incidents of bill shock are increasing at a great rate but there are things you can do to alleviate it,” Taylor says.

More information on Nashua Mobile is available at www.nashuamobile.com.

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