Thursday, June 20, 2013

African Gothic to premiere at Durban International Film Festival 2013

African Gothic – A new film based on Reza de Wet’s Masterpiece, Diepe Grond, is to premiere at the Durban International Film Festival 2013.

This is a grimy, brooding drama set in a decaying farmhouse in the desolate heart of the Free State.  It is about a dangerous and passionate relationship between deeply troubled siblings, their benign domestic worker and a hapless lawyer who pays them a visit. 
The production features two South African actors Damon Shalit who plays the menacing Frikkie and Chella Ferrow who plays his complex, child-woman sister.
Shalit also wrote the screenplay and produced the film.  The film is directed by Gabriel Bologna.
They are supported by established British actor Jonny Coyne who plays Mr Grove. He was most recently seen in Hangover 3.  The housekeeper is played by US singer and actress Connie Jackson.

Look out for screenings at the following cinema’s
20 July 12:00 Musgrave B
24 July 15:30 Ekhaya Multi-Arts Centre
25 July 18:00 Suncoast C

For more info on the movie go to  
(Source – DIFF) 
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