Saturday, August 30, 2014

African fashion like never before: I Run JHB

A blend of unique African fashion like never before: I RUN JHB!

Co-Founders of I RUN JHB. On the left:
King Leeu, on the right: Neo Gabhadiya

“The duty of our brand is to tell African stories through clothing and that’s the mandate of the brand and that’s what makes it unique from other street brands.” said Neo Gabhadiya.

With labels popping up every single day I RUN JHB is a fresh unique authentic clothing brand alive with a feel and fuse of African traditional wear and urban strict culture. Neo Gabhadiya Simelane and Wandile King Leeu the Co-founders of I RUN JHB, who were also students at the University of Johannesburg are two creative and innovative young men who still believe in bringing up an African take on modern fashion and are here to up the fashion stakes of Mzansi.  

I RUN JHB is one brand with vibrantly coloured garments that speaks the volume and they’ve become proficient in mastering the accuracy of visualization. Most importantly a brand that also looks at its customers preference because the guys put a lot of hard work in making sure that their customers’ expectations are met and not only that but also the passion that goes into it. Here it goes again, starting a clothing line costs a lot of money and these guys take out from their pockets to keep their brand up and running and they don’t have any sponsorship or some sort of financial support and that must be their biggest challenge but hey we talking of go getters. Having said that South African fashion industry is hard to crack with minimal resources these guys proved that there is nothing stopping them from doing what they love. As Gabhadiya said “Effort ke Mahala” meaning effort is free.

Right now I RUN JHB is showcased at different flea markets which include Fox street sidewalks market every Saturday between 10 am to 5pm near Gandhi Square, Braamfontein at the Grove Market on Melle Street from 10 am to 5pm in Johannesburg. They also showcase in Soweto, Orlando west at Locrate Market every 1st Sunday of each month. 

For more information on I RUN JHB you can follow them on social media, Facebook: I RUN JHB, 
Twitter: @IRUNJHB 
Contact details: 0785616050 (Neo Gabhadiya) 0787231082 (King). 

A blend of unique African fashion like never before!  

This edition by +Molly Dimpho 

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