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Art and Theatre News, Events and hear what Blackberry is doing for the Rhino


The Collective, 48b Florida Road (entrance in Fourth Ave)
Saturday the 27th of July 2013, 1 pm - 3 pm
(join us for the morning Arts Savvy Session on international arts residencies 
and touring from 10am) 

For any questions, please contact Radwinn van Wyk at the 
PANSA office:

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Join Cindy Pivacic at this event

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Email for all the deets

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BlackBerry supports fight against rhino poaching

BlackBerry is aiding the fight to protect Southern Africa’s endangered rhino population through its support of a new Stop Rhino Poaching internship programme.

The internship is an initiative of the international Young Presidents Organization and World Presidents Organization (YPO/WPO) and takes place in South Africa and Botswana from June 26 to August 23. The programme aims to help conservation interns learn the ropes around safeguarding endangered animals threatened by poachers.

Stop Rhino Poaching is an NGO that focuses on raising funds for the fight against rhino poaching and driving awareness about rhino poaching.

BlackBerry is supporting the internship programme in the following way:
·         Donate 5 BlackBerry Z10 smartphones to help the interns stay in touch wherever they are
·         Arrange data and voice connectivity for the interns to use over the next two months

Says Alexandra Zagury, managing director for South and Southern Africa at BlackBerry: “The Department of Environmental Affairs estimate that around 430 rhinos have been poached in South Africa this year alone.  The poaching of rhinos for their horns remains one of South Africa’s most concerning environmental issues.

“BlackBerry is extremely committed to support this cause, hence our engagement in this programme. We believe that the fight against rhino poaching can be won through the efforts of dedicated people and organisations, and we will provide them with help where we can.”

To show your support for South Africa’s endangered rhinos, please visit and like the Stop Rhino Poaching Internship Program on Facebook Also, please share rhino news on Twitter and encourage friends to donate to Stop Rhino Poaching using @rhinoypointerns.

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A Self-Start Course for Artists

The Market Theatre Laboratory, in partnership with Think Theatre, is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a short “Self Start” course to help artists build careers and arts-based businesses. Facilitated by four leading arts professionals from Canada and the USA, the course has travelled from Glasgow to Hong Kong, and will finally be coming to Johannesburg from 9-18 August this year.
Applications are now open for both professional and emerging artists and administrators who would like to develop an entrepreneurial edge by participating in these intensive workshops. The prestigious team of facilitators include Professor Liz Bradley (Chair of drama at Tisch School of the Arts, NYU) and Anne Mundell (Associate Professor of Scenic Design at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama.)
Professor Liz Bradley summarises the course content by stating, “As an artist of this time, you will be challenged to create a context in which your work can be experienced.  Understanding and mastering the attributes and skills necessary for effective entrepreneurship in the arts will help you build you career, and create opportunities for your artistic practice to flourish.  This workshop is designed to equip you with the basics of the entrepreneurial process, make you aware of a wide range of practical resources and enhance your creative problem solving skills. “ 
This program outlines a “step by step” framework through which to make artistic creation a reality. Practical exercises include articulating a mission, the options for different producing models, choosing collaborators, developing a strategic plan, basic fund raising, marketing and advice on managing the financial and legal aspects essential for start-up enterprises.
Upon completing the session, emerging artists will have awareness of the personal and practical issues of entrepreneurship in an arts-related venture.   He/she should be able to grasp the planning process required in launching a venture, company start-up and/or production process. The program design includes informal lectures, written practical exercises, class discussions, team projects and a capstone presentation.  Self-employed artists need skill sets that enable them to recognize opportunities, act on them decisively and be able to actualize an arts venture with competence and confidence. 
Interested parties must be available for full-day workshops at the Market Lab in Gauteng from the 9th to the 18 August 2013 and should contact Clara at the Market Laboratory at to receive further information as well as an application form. Applications close on 19 July. 

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