Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Highlights from Workshops at The Durban International Film Festival 2014

Notes From Filmmakers Workshops At DIFF 2014

One of the many workshops at DIFF 2014
They had many workshops at the Festival and at Durban Film Mart (DFM) these were some of the highlights:

DFM Masterclass

  • 'We are the stories we tell.' 
  • 'What makes stories compelling?'
  • 'Good stories deal with consequences.' 
  • 'A hollywood film made in another country will be of lesser quality.' 
  • 'The key element in a film is emotion.' 
  • 'Emotion is closely related to conflict.' 
  • 'A story begins when there is some elements of conflict.' 
  • 'Something unusual must happen.' 
  • 'Arthouse cinema does not mean boring.' 
  • 'As a writer you can play around with options.' 
  • 'You can get more mileage out of suspense as opposed to surprise.' 
  • 'How much info are you going to give the audience?' 
  • 'Find a sales agent before you go to a film festival, then when you get to the film festival you have a strategy. 
Co-Production - Germany
  • If you have a German crew member you have a better chance to get German Co-Production Funding!
  • Co-Production is a marriage.
  • At a film festival you should network and build relationships and contacts.
Feedback from Provinces - Useful Links
Notes on Submitting Applications for Funding
  • With how much care do you submit your proposal?
  • The project description and the treatment are very important when you apply for funding.
  • Try send in a trailer if you can.
  • If people read your script can they imagine a film or see it as a film?
Useful places to look for funding for your movie or documentary

Article and Image by +Fred Felton 

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