Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Are you going to Mobile East Africa 2014?

This year, the agenda for Mobile East Africa 2014 has finally been launched. Since its first running in 2010, this agenda has shown itself to be the most progressive and comprehensive.
To make Mobile East Africa’s position to be the leading business technology event in the region, this agenda has to deliver to you. Here is how it will be achieved.

·  Tomi Ahonen (measured by Forbes as the world's most influential expert in mobile in 2012) will deliver a Special Address.
To have confirmed someone with the global reputation that Tomi has is evidence of the commitment to making this the technology conference of 2014 in the region.
Ahonen is going to deliver 60 minutes of the best sort of information that will propel you and your organisation in 2014 at maximum velocity.
·   This year's conference will kick off with a "Leaders of Mobile" session.
Already confirmed for this are Andrew Waititu (MD Eastern Africa, SAP), Jose Henriques (Group VP Data, Airtel Africa), a senior representative from IBM, and John Waibochi (CEO, Virtual City), to name a few.  The contributors have agreed to give their perspectives on growth and what needs to be done to achieve it. 
·  There is a massive focus on monetisation, business models, innovation and creativity.
It is believed that these are the four key factors that will stimulate future growth.  Presenters have been secured who have gained worldwide exposure due to their expertise in these core areas. 
·  Presentations have been confirmed from a multitude of countries.
Contributors from Kenya, Hong Kong, Tanzania, India, Uganda, South Africa and the United Kingdom will be given recognition for its international contribution. 
·  To end the conference, plans are put into place to run a unique "celebrating and learning from failure" session.
For too long, failure has been the elephant in the room.  Leading thinkers and entrepreneurs are going to celebrate their hard earned lessons - so everyone can benefit.

And that's just covering the main two-day conference.  Over the next 10 days we're going to lay out plans for the second annual Mobile Marketing East Africa Focus Day which will be held on Tuesday 11 February and to provide you with a breakdown of Tomi Ahonen's full day workshop on Friday 14 February.

Even though prices for the event’s tickets have been increased by 25%, it is still always best to secure your place at the conference this week.

Article by +Lauren Immelman  

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