Thursday, January 16, 2014

Film Review - Beautiful Creatures

Writer and Director:    Richard La Gravenese
       Starring:   Alden Ehrenreich
                                    Alice Englert
                                    Emmy Rossum

Based on the novel Beautiful Creatures, comes a fantasy romance as well as plenty of drama, about two teenagers trying to find how they fit together under the watchful eye of the town’s residents. Directed by Richard La Gravenese; who is also known for the movies; P.S. I Love You and Freedom Writers, brings out a new side to him, by bringing the fantasy of a Halloween favourite, witches and warlocks; otherwise known in this movie, as Casters. With every book being better than any movie that is depicted on a novel, Beautiful Creatures took a turn for the worst as there is detail galore in the Beautiful Creatures Novel. But that is due to happen since a movie budget is quite a different story than a novel.

Even though not reading the book myself I do feel that the movie brought a wonderful story line to Ethan and Lena’s love because reading a book is not the same, images in words creates a picture in your mind’s eye, whereas in a film you there with them, you feel it too. The graphics and photography of this film was another mindblower. This movie was set in the right location...

Living in a small town known as Gatlin in South Carolina is Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich), a typical 16 year old guy. Longing to leave this small town, Ethan’s life changes dramatically within one night, in a way where new and dark secrets come to light.

Meeting a new mysterious girl on the first day of sophomore year, Ethan begins on a mission to find out what it is about her, and what pulls them together.

Lena (Alice Englert), the strange girl who came from nowhere, comes to live with her uncle who is not liked at all by the rest of the residents who reside in Gatlin. With strange tattoos, weird behaviour and strange relatives, Lena is not one to be messed with. But the people, who you might think are the wrong type, can be the most gentle if chosen to be and people who think they are as pure as day yet conniving and abrasive. If some one comes for a reason, would you believe in its signs? Would you follow them, even if it might kill you?

Review by +Lauren Immelman 

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