Monday, January 20, 2014

What would you lick for a ticket to Bryan Adams in Durban?

What would you lick for a ticket?

Superstar Bryan Adams will be performing in Durban next Friday (31 January 2014).
The show is sold out.
The ONLY person with tickets to spare is East Coast Radio’s Darren Maule.
How badly do you want them?

(East Coast Radio's Darren Maule licks a glass door - Picture Supplied) 

Listeners are turning up the gross factor with East Coast Radio’s Lick It… For A Ticket competition. Bryan Adams fans, desperate to watch the star in action, have been sending in photos of their tongues in all sorts of despicable positions.

How toe-curling does licking a toilet bowl sound? Would you lick a gooey piece of gum on the tarmac? Or the yucky stuff from under someone’s shoe? How about licking someone else’s plate clean?

Would you let your tongue connect with a car tyre, someone’s smelly toe or the handrail of an escalator at a shopping mall?

Just how desperate are fans for Bryan Adams tickets when there are none available to buy?

Darren Maule and the Breakfast Stack team are about to find out when they line-up the grossest lickers and give one of them a chance to win tickets to the concert.

Tongue sanitizer will not be provided.

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(Source - East Coast Radio) 
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