Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Film Review - The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Film - The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
Director - Ben Stiller
Cast - Ben Stiller, Sean Penn, Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott

Now this is not your average movie.  First off take note of the wonderful title sequence to begin with.
Like a breath of fresh air.

As for the movie we join Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) a day dreamer of note.  He tends to zone out from time to time and disappear into his ideal world.  The company he works for starts downsizing and he has a problem at hand.  He needs to find a photo from the legendary photographer Sean O'Connell (A brilliant Sean Penn).

Where could that image be?  He searches high and low and his search takes him on an adventure of travel.
At the same time he is trying to impress Cheryl Melhoff (Kirsten Wiig) while at the same time he tries to avoid the nasty corporate clown (A superb Adam Scott).

This film features a fine performance by Ben Stiller and he shows us he has great directing skills as well.

Will he find that photo?  Does he get the girl? Does he lose his job?

I guess you will have to watch to movie to find out.

Rating 9/10

Review by +Fred Felton

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